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Fun Facts about Husky Dog Breed

Fun Facts about Husky Dog Breed

Huskies are the wolves of the dog world and are known for their super expressive nature. These dogs don’t just make the most loyal companions, but they are also known to be the best dogs to practice your debate speeches with! Huskies are loud and expressive and are definitely a handful.

Fun Facts about Husky Dog Breed

It might sound rough but it’s more like raising an overgrown, furry toddler. Here’s why they’re so great:

Fun Facts about Husky Dog Breed

1. If you’re planning on keeping huskies as watch dogs then there’s no decision worse than that! The thing is, huskies are quite friendly and that’s why it’s said that they’d rather play than attack the intruder in your home. You might come downstairs to catch the intruder playing around with your dog!

2. Huskies are born to run, and they can do this with the least amount of energy as well. That means they are race dogs and can run for quite a long distance. If you ever decide to race your dog, think carefully about what you’re doing. It could end up with you losing to your dog! That’ll be quite a funny turn up for your friends.

3. Huskies are great pets and they’re even better escape artists. If they want something, they want it and nothing else. You need to keep your eye on them at all times and that means, even if you have the smallest hole in your home, or if you leave the window open, they might just jump out. These cunning dogs can escape in ways that will boggle your mind.

4. Because of their running abilities, they were used for communication and transport in the Second World War. They were known for their ability to transport and transmit messages across long distances, covering them in the least possible time.

5. Huskies are better known for their piercing blue eyes which is causing by the gene Merle. This gene gives them the loss of pigmentation which can result in bright eyes.

6. Huskies and cats are the worst combination that can come about. If you have a cat at home then owning a husky might not be the best decision to make, especially if you’re short tempered and can’t handle a fight.

7. Huskies are independent and they love throwing fits, which means you need a great deal of patience to train your husky for potty and leashes.

8. Being so expressive and having so much love in them, huskies is great therapy dogs for people dealing with depression or anxiety. The amount of love that they have to give help in diminishing the problem significantly.

9. Huskies are quite the little troublemakers. If you have valuable things around the house then it’s suggested that you get rid of them before you adopt a husky.

10. They may be mischievous, but they’re anything but dumb. These dogs are known for their intelligence and their ability to use the intelligence to get just what they want. Beware; they might even force you to give them something without much effort!

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