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Four Things No Dog Grooming School Can Prepare You For

Dog Grooming

For any pet owner, the well-being of their pet comes first in the order of priorities. The relationship between the owners and the pet requires that each party ensures the comfort of the other isn’t compromised.

As such, this symbiotic relationship leads to many pet owners enrolling in dog grooming schools to get a proper understanding of their pet’s physical and hygienic care. Many dog owners enroll in dog grooming schools with the blind hope that all intricacies about dog grooming will be dealt with adeptly and efficiently.

However, this is not the case. A dog grooming school will teach you, a pet owner, a lot about dog grooming. But that’s not all there is to it. There are concerns paramount to dog grooming that most dog grooming schools won’t prepare you for.

Below are four things that no dog grooming school can prepare you for.

First Aid

For any pet owner, the degree of compassion they have for their pet is shown in their readiness to offer protection and safety. While most dog training schools will highlight dog safety and care, most won’t prepare you on in-depth First Aid, which is extremely important.

Training in-depth First Aid requires a lot of time and resources. The content requires a lot of money on the dog school’s side to develop and maintain. Most schools don’t see it necessary as there are vet services. But as a pet owner who cares about their dog deeply, in-depth First Aid isn’t among the things a dog grooming school can prepare you for.

Animal Behavior

Since grooming is good for your dog, it is important to know that it is stressful for dogs. Dogs are complex creatures, but not entirely mysterious. However, behavior dogs can sometimes be unpredictable.

Dog grooming schools will equip you with knowledge on difficult grooming cases, but not on how to know when the grooming is stressful.

“A grasp of how a dog behaves is vital. Dogs are constantly communicating. The knowledge is essential in averting danger caused by unsuccessfully failing to read a dog’s behavior,” further explains Estelle Leonard, a dog lover, who writes for Studicus and an editor at Trust My Paper.

The truth is, your calm, sweet dog could easily turn into a harmful animal when its comfort is compromised. The bad news is, no dog grooming school will prepare you for such instances. It is upon you to understand your dog and research more on animal behavior.


A happy dog that smells nice is the dream of many dog owners. The whole idea of going to a dog grooming school as a pet owner is to realize this dream every day. But it is not about the effort alone.

The effort wouldn’t have been any fruitful were it not for the equipment used. In a dog grooming school, the equipment is readily available as the school invests in buying the equipment. As a student, you use them to learn and never do the idea of how much it costs cross your mind.

When you’re on your own is when reality hits. Dog grooming equipment is expensive to acquire and maintain. Due to the fact that the comfort of a dog isn’t negotiable during grooming, you might be forced to buy high-quality tools. Sadly, a dog grooming school doesn’t prepare you for that.


Sometimes there arises a need to use the skill one has to generate an income. If you are a pet owner who was admitted to a dog grooming school with the sole purpose of attending to your dog, then the skills will come in handy in trying to venture into dog grooming business. But there is a problem.

Dog grooming schools teach all essentials about dog healthcare, hygiene, and safety but forget the business side of grooming. Venturing into dog grooming business is a hassle that requires guidance. It involves a whole process that isn’t covered in a dog grooming school. To venture into a dog grooming business, you will need to seek information from a business school

In conclusion, dog grooming schools do a great job of ensuring that as a pet owner, you have all you need to have a happy dog. However, the curriculum there isn’t perfect. There are a few concerns left out, some of which are discussed in this article. Once you fix the few concerns, you are the best pet owner there is.

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