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Foods Dogs Can and Can’t Eat

You may be tempted to share a piece of your food with your dog when he begs for it at the dinner table. You may think that sharing one bite of that tasty meal you are having would be fine.

But you need to be careful! Several human foods are highly toxic to dogs, even in small doses.

Many first-time dog owners accidentally feed their furry friend some human foods and are later unpleasantly surprised when they have to rush their pooch to the vet.

Every responsible dog parent should make themselves familiar with foods that are healthy for their dog and foods that can hurt him.

You might have heard that chocolate is deadly for dogs. It is also a good idea to keep foods containing grapes and raisins away from your pooch because they are lethal for him.

The list of foods that dogs can and can’t eat is quite long and contains many items that might surprise you.

Garlic and onions are at the top of the most dangerous foods. Both garlic and onions contain compounds that damage red blood cells in dogs and can cause severe health complications.

The next main ingredient you need to look out for is artificial sweeteners. Synthetic sweeteners like Xylitol are quite frequently used in sugar-free drinks and desserts. These can prove fatal for your furry friend.

But there are some foods which are extremely healthy for your pooch. Boiled eggs are at the top of such foods. Eggs provide vital proteins, vitamins, and minerals that help strengthen your pup’s muscles and boost his immunity. So, make sure to add eggs regularly into your dog’s diet.

Bananas are another great treat for your pooch. They contain minerals that improve your dog’s heart health. Bananas are also great for your pup’s digestive system.

Here is a detailed infographic that lists some of the best and worst foods for your precious pup.

Foods Dogs Can and Can’t Eat

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