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Of Flea Infestations and How to Control Them

You need to be aware of them and learn how to control them because they don’t happen overnight; they slowly grow and before you know it you have a crisis in your hands.

A couple I am close to was trying to establish a dog grooming business. Although they were careful with their dogs, the dogs that were being brought to their premises were not as keenly looked after and soon their facility was a house of fleas. They had to move out to allow for thorough fumigation.

So what can you do to protect your dogs and your family from the flea menace?

First learn to recognize the signs of an infestation early. If your dog keeps scratching he could be harbouring a flea or two. Use a brush to comb through his coat to establish whether or not he has fleas. Even if you don’t find fleas but see small white particles, those are flea eggs that within no time will hatch into adult fleas.

Another way is hearing family members complaining of bites. Fleas especially love to bit young children and their bites leave a characteristic bump that looks like a bump caused by an allergic reaction to foods such as meat.

Once you have established your pet has fleas decide on an action plan. Decide if you want to handle the infestation yourself or you want to engage the services of a professional. Personally, I prefer a professional who has handled several cases before so he knows the dos and don’ts as well as which areas to target.

Take the dog to a groomer too and explain that he has fleas so that the groomer can use the necessary methods to eliminate fleas from the dog’s coat.

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