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Five Amazing Tips for Pet Care

Five Amazing Tips for Pet Care

Whether you are a first-time owner or if you are just looking to step up your pet-owner game, there are a few tips that you either haven’t yet tried or have tried and stepped off your game for a bit.

Whatever the case may be, wishing and wanting your pup or cat—or ferret or pigeon—to have a long, healthy, and happy life is certainly something you can help accomplish!

At PetHairPatrol our goal is to help pet owners find the best solutions to any pet-related problem. These five tips can help put you back on course with your pet-ownership and contribute to a long and healthy life for your best, furry friend:

1. Know who your vet is and take your pet there for all of his or her checkups. Just like if you were to have a human child, getting to know your furbaby’s doctor and taking them there for regular care is a responsibility of every pet owner. Although your dog or cat might not particularly like these visits—it’s best for them to go there anyway.

Proper vet care includes routine vaccines, examinations, and even treatment if your pet is diagnosed with something. If you complete these checks on a regular basis, then you are most likely to save money—and avoid poor health in your pet—in the long term.

2. You might not like the price, but feeding your pet a high-quality diet is essential. For your pet to have a shiny coat, healthy skin, and stay in good health—with all that energy you love, a good diet can help with just that. If you don’t have the money to dish out for the pure-quality stuff, you can even try some at-home recipes (with your vet’s go-ahead).

A quality diet will work wonders for your pet—it will help them strengthen their immune system and intestinal health, keep their muscles and joints working properly, and keep their mind strong.

3. Avoid obesity—for you and your pet. Not only does health mean a nutritious diet—you should also focus on regular exercise. If you or your pet are obese, that puts the both of you at risk for some serious and avoidable diseases. Being overweight can not only bring on a whole mess of health problems, but it also shortens the life span of your pet. So, if you’re not going to take back your health, at least do it for your dog.

4. Keep your pet supervised—at all times. Whether you are just locking them in the house or in the (securely-fenced) yard while you’re at work or you have a pet-sitter watching or coming to check on them, this will eliminate or at least decrease his or her “roaming hours”, where they are allowed outside.

Pets who roam tend to be in danger of not only things like automobile accidents, but also fights with other animals (especially if they’re small), unsupervised interactions with humans (and their lawns), and interaction with contagious diseases or poisons.

5. Focus on oral health. Although you may have never thought about brushing your dog’s teeth—now might be a fantastic time to start. Oral and dental diseases and health issues can actually leave your pet in pain—which is heartbreaking for you and makes it hard for them to eat.

If left untreated, it can also lead to something much worse. Even if you are just investing in dental treats, this can make all the difference in the world.

Bonus tip: If you’re planning on taking your pet outside—especially if he or she is a dog—it’s worth it to keep an eye out for pests, allergens, and toxins.

To help with these three things, simply keep your pet’s health conditions up-to-date on preventatives and shots. After having been outside for a while, check your pet’s skin for ticks.

For allergens, observe your dog or cat if they seem to be scratching excessively, this might not only be because of an insect bite but also possibly because of an allergic reaction to an insect or grass.

Also, keep your life and your pet clean. Your pet is a part of the family, and in your home, you also want all members of your family to be happy and healthy. To keep your home clean—especially if you have an extra-furry pet— you need to make sure you brush your pet regularly and take the time in investing in a high-performing pet hair vacuum,to rid your house of all that fur. Brushing your pet and doing regular cleanups will reduce dust, allergens and pet hair in your home – keeping your whole family happy and healthy.

We hope that these tips have helped in a few ways to organize your pet care responsibilities.

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