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Fit for Human Consumption, Unfit for Canines

Way back, before I was as savvy as I am now about dogs and their care, a cousin told me what sounded like an old wives tale. He told me that he had gone to visit a dog he was training for the usual lessons, only to find the dog very sick. On enquiring the cause, he was told the owners had fed him chocolate and biscuits, and the dog has collapsed right away. That dog didn’t survive the ordeal. I took that information because to me, the messenger is the message, and the messenger in this case is given to weaving tales just to wow his audience.

Recently, I revisited the topic and wanted to find out if there really are foods that humans enjoy, but which dogs should not touch. Turns out, there actually are foods a dog should not eat, some of which I have occasionally let my dogs taste but which I have decided to stop, pleading puppy eyes not with standing.

Fit for human consumption_photo1


First on the list are mushrooms. These contain toxins that can cause problems with multiple systems in a dog’s body, resulting in shock or even death.


The next culprit is avocados. I love avocadoes and always thought they are healthy for dogs, but they contain persin, which causes diarrhea and vomiting in dogs if consumed in large amounts.

Grapes, raisins and currants

These can damage the dog’s kidney, although it seems grape extracts are fine.

Macadamia Nuts

Another food to avoid feeding your canine friend is macadamia nuts, which can cause damage to the nervous and digestive systems.

Fit for human consumption_photo(2)


The last on this list is alcohol, which might look obvious. Just to be careful, make sure you keep all alcohol in a place where your dog can’t reach it. If a dog consumes even small amounts, it can cause intoxication, low blood sugar, coma, or death.

This list is not exhaustive, but these are the items I found most relevant to my case. The avocado one shocked me as I always thought them safe, plus my dogs seemed to enjoy them. Oh well, too bad. I’d rather hurt their feelings a bit than lose them. Tough love I call it.

Fit for Human Consumption, Unfit for Canines

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