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Finding a College With a Dog-Friendly Housing. Is It Really a Challenge?

Finding a College With a Dog-Friendly Housing. Is It Really a Challenge?

Leaving one’s family to attend college is very difficult, but some might say that leaving a beloved dog is even harder. Fortunately, some colleges allow animals on their campuses. In some cases, students have the privilege of living with their pets, but how can you find a pet-friendly college?

Saying goodbye to your furry friend can be very painful and heartbreaking, particularly if you grew up with your pet. If getting into college is stressful for you, imagine how your dog must feel. If you feel lonely and stressed without your four-legged friend, here are some of our best pointers for finding pet-friendly college housing.

1. Act Responsibly

Make sure your pup is vaccinated and well-behaved. Think if you can create appropriate conditions for your four-legged loved one, especially if you don’t have a solid income. However, in some cases, it is better to leave your dog with your parents, because sustaining a pet takes a lot of money.

You must be ready if any medical problems occur, and financially responsible for troubles your dog gets into, such as leaving a mess behind or property damage.

Remember, the animal must not distract you from your studies; education should be your priority. If you have a problem with that, use EssayPro and specialists in writing essays will always be happy to help you at any time.

2. Start Early

It’s important to have enough time to prepare because owning a pet will take hard work. You are more likely to find a pet-friendly college if you start looking for it in advance. The more time you have for searching, the more lead time you have to ask your friends for help or watch the offerings on a website. Share what you are looking for on social media and ask to repost it.

If you want to live on campus, it will be necessary to receive confirmation, which indicates that you are accepted to the pet-friendly community. You must inquire about conditions, because every college may set its own rules for pets.

Also, you have to consider how a pet may affect your future roommates. You need to make sure that owning a dog will not cause problems to people around you.

3. Understand the Situation

Most often, landlords and college staff don’t want to risk and rent to pet-owners. It’s understandable because they are concerned about damage and insurance policies. Letting a pet in the property is a big responsibility.

In order to eliminate the biggest complaints a homeowner may have about pets, you need to offer a pet deposit and carry your renter’s insurance. In a pinch, you can offer to pay upfront.

By offering terms that are going to be beneficial to the estate agent, you increase your chances.

4. Be Kind

Always be polite and nice, even if you have been told “no” a thousand times. Don’t be annoying, there’s no need to flatter or provide too much focus to the college staff or landlord. Ask all your questions quietly and discuss the conditions. Be patient even if someone is rude to you, this will make you put your best foot forward.

5. Think Twice

Caring for a pet is a long-term commitment, every dog has daily needs that can’t be ignored. Your furry friend must be fed several times a day. It needs regular exercise, requires a lot of attention and love, and it needs to be taken for a walk at least two times a day.

You will face these responsibilities every day, regardless if you are busy or not. There is no doubt that the puppy will disturb you from your studies. It is going to be very hard to balance classes, studying, extracurricular activities and social activity. Preparing for exams and focusing on important things is never easy, especially if you need to take care of an animal.

No matter the pressure pushing down on you to get all the assignments done, you still need to take time for your pet.

Students may also be surprised how expensive pets can be. Start by thinking if you can afford to take care of them without financial help from your parents. You need to be honest with yourself about your spending habits.

6. Be Positive

Although dogs are expensive and demand a lot of attention, they’ll put color in your gray routine days.

  • They can make you healthier and happier;
  • They provide companionship and can help you make friends;
  • They motivate to do exercise, students who have pets can get fit with them;
  • Pets give a mental health boost because students who have pets experienced mental health improvements;
  • It’s gratifying to come home to a dog after a long day of classes;
  • A pet is always willing to play with you and give you unlimited love.

Finding a College With a Dog-Friendly Housing. Is It Really a Challenge?

For these reasons, you should keep searching for a college which will become the most comfortable place for you and your beloved dog. This process can be long and arduous, it will take some effort on your part to find housing. However, the result will be well worth it.

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