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Why Fiber is Important for your Cats Nutrition

Why Fiber is Important for your Cats Nutrition

You might have heard different conflict stories about Fiber in your cat’s diet and its effectiveness. Some peoples believe that fiber is good for cat’s health, and some believe fiber don’t. Before continuing, it is necessary to know what fiber is and why fiber is essential for a cat’s nutrition.

What is Fiber?

Fiber is something that you have already talked about and heard a lot. Fiber is a type of carbohydrates, and sometimes it’s called bulk or roughage that is not digested by the cat’s gastrointestinal tract. As fiber is a carbohydrate, it does not digest or gets break down like other carbs. If we talk about other carbs, they break down into sugar molecules, but fiber goes through entirely intact towards our digestive systems.

Fiber is essential for cats health because it provides bulk to food through. Do fiber gets fermented? Yes, some types of fiber can be fermented in the system. The process of fermentation creates short-chain fatty acids SCFA, and it is the vital energy source for cells that quilting the intestinal tract.

Digestive System of Cats

As different conflict stories of Fiber, we need to look for a cat’s digestive system before we judge their need for fiber either your cat require low or high fiber cat food. A cat’s having a small digestive system if we compare with other pet like a dog. Cats digestive system starts from the mouth. Well, if considering humans for eating food, so the whole range of human food designed for different parts of the eating process. Human contains incisors for cutting food, canings for holding food, and molars for grind and chewing food. Cats are having some of the similar teeth, but they don’t’ have the same flat molars as humans have. As a result, cats eat food in a more significant chunk; unlike humans, they do not have the ability to chew.

The cat’s small intestine is the longest part of the digestive system. This longest level in dogs varies from 1.8 to 4.8 meters in length, and in a cat, it is only about 80 centimeters to 1.3 meters. Most of the nutrients are also absorbed in this small intestine.

Fiber Levels and Fermantability of Cat

According to IAMS company research, an optimal crude fiber level of healthy cats range from 1.4% to 3.5%. At this level of range, a nutrient breakdown escalated. But in a couple of other situations like hairballs, a higher fiber level may be beneficial. The essential part of fiber is its fermantability or how well it can get break down by bacteria to the intestine. This breakdown produces SCFA, and it provides energy in the intestine. If we talk about Research, it shows that a moderate level of fermentable fiber, such as beet pulp, is the right choice because it gives the benefits of energy for bulk and intestinal lining without putting the harmful effects of excessive gas or stool. Hence, a moderate level of fiber in a cat’s diet is beneficial.
Similarly, the average fiber content in dry cat food is about 5 percent that is almost 10 times higher than what cats need.

Keep your Cats Digestive Healthy with Moderate Cat Food

Cats need the right mix of fiber to help maintain their digestive system ticking nicely. Another thing that can cause issues in the digestive system of cats is hairballs. So it would be best if you kept maintaining the average of fiber in your cat’s nutrition according to need.

Final Words

When choosing a food for pet, fiber is an important consideration, but do remember that the need of cats is not like the same as those of humans. A moderate level of fermentable fiber like beet pulp provides proven nutritional benefits for cats.

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