Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys

Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Fall Fun with Your Canine Friend

It’s that season when the temperatures are starting to fall, and walking outdoors for extended periods is not a problem. If you love sweaters, this is the time to show them off as well as those turtle and cowl necks you had to put away in summer. It’s also good news for your dog because now she won’t collapse from the excessive summer heat.

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Here are some fun things you can do together.


Hiking trails look wondrous with all the multicolored leaves looking like a picture from apostcard. Take advantage of the cool weather and the beautiful scenery by taking your dog for a walk. You will both have fun and get some exercise, killing two birds with one stone (Killing birds is not a good thing to do, but you get the point).


Start getting ready for Halloween early. Decide on the costume you and your canine friend are going to spot on the special day. You can even dress the dog in a cat costume just to see if he barks at his own image in the mirror. Alternatively, get matching princess costumes and have fun as human buddies, or dog costumes and enjoy being pooch buddies. Take photos on the day to preserve these memories.

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Take strolls at the beach if you live near one. The sea looks magnificent in autumn and the surrounding trees with their leaves in fiery reds and oranges make the scenery picture perfect.

Dog events

Ask around to find out which dog shows are ongoing this season in your area. We have Dogtoberfest around here, which is arranged by a fellow dog lover. People bring along dogs of all sizes to the event, and the dogs can interact. The owners are required to ensure their pets’ vaccines are up to date and to be on leashes and properly trained. There are also children’s fun activities to accommodate the whole family, and several catering services are allowed in the event grounds. Look for such fun events where you and your furry friend can have fun. If your dog is a show dog, shows would be perfect in this weather so make a point of attending.

Fall Fun with Your Canine Friend

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