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Essential Oils for Dogs

Essential Oils for Dogs

Essential Oils are a great solution for multiple issues and are a safe, respectful and simple way of keeping your dog healthy and happy. Essential Oils are a healthier substitute to harmful medicines and provide support to help your dog fight digestive upset, anxiety, itchy skin and a lot more. Below are some essential oils that are really essential for your furry friend!

Himalaya or Cedarwood Atlas (Deodara or Cedrus atlantica)

This oil has a strengthening and calming effect and acts as a great flea and pest repellent. Some of its properties include: cures coughs such as kennel cough, heals stiffness, back pain, arthritis, antiseptic for lungs, clear dandruff and scuffy skin, promotes hair growth. Himalaya also acts as a general tonic and has a soothing effect. It is known to strengthen the kidney function and is diuretic in nature. It is especially helpful in the cases of shyness, nervous aggression, extreme timidity or if your pet needs a sense of inner security or grounding.

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

Yarrow is a protecting oil that helps in unblocking things. It can treat wounds, allergies, bites, itchy skin, stings, bleeding (while nail clipping), kidney infections or ear infections. It has anti-inflammatory properties to cure pulls and sprains or arthritis. It is also helpful if your dog is suffering from emotional or physical trauma. The deep blue Yarrow has higher anti-inflammatory properties than green or pale blue yarrow.

Helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum)

The magic potion for any irritant or allergy and any bites, including other dog bites. This oil has antiseptic properties which cure soft swellings, broken capillaries or dog bones. It also has anti-viral and anti-allergic properties and helps maintain the health of the liver and digestive system. Especially for dogs that have a vomiting sensation, Helichrysum clears mucus from the lungs and improves the immune system.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

The most soothing of all essential oils is Lavender. It calms the skin and relaxes the state of mind. It is mildly sedative and relaxing and soothes bruises, flea bites, burns, grazes and has antiseptic properties which help heal wounds well. It also reduces scarring, reduces anxiety, fungal infections, and steadies the heart, calms hotshots and hyperactivity. Make sure you buy good quality oil as lavender is usually adulterated.

Lemon (Citrus limon)

Lemon oil is clarifying and uplifting. It helps in clearing confusion and is an immune system stimulant. It has antiseptic and antiviral properties and motivates pancreatic function. Lemon oil is also antidiabetic, anticoagulant, antisclerotic, anti-anemic, antifungal and antispasmodic (stomach). It helps in breaking down the dog bone deposits and helps cure kidney stones and arthritis. It helps in reducing confusion, increasing concentration and helps in assimilating new information. Finally it increases your fluffy friends trust in self and is useful for dogs that move homes a lot.


Not all oils are the same. Purchase therapeutic, pure brands from reputed companies which are free from added chemicals. If your dog will be consuming them, make sure the brands state “for internal use” on their labels. Ingesting oils is a controversial topic; it is advised to consult a veterinarian before applying, consuming or inhaling them. Also check the labels for steps on how to dilute the oils. For instance, mixing some drops of essential oil in water or another carrier oil is all you need sometimes.

If your dog is younger than 10 years or has a medical condition, ask your veterinarian about using these oils. If you also have a fish, a cat or a bird, beware that these oils can adversely affect the animals either immediately or over time.
If you notice the dog having an adverse reaction, avoid using the essential oils immediately.

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