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Easy Tips for First-Time Dog Owners

Easy Tips for First-Time Dog Owners

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Getting a dog is a wonderful thing, but it might also feel like a huge responsibility (which it actually is). As a first time owner, you will probably feel the need for guidance and have a lot of questions. The most important thing is not to panic and take things slowly; before you will even imagine it, your puppy will grow into a healthy dog and your very best friend.

If you have just a dog and you are having difficulties adjusting to the new situation, you might want to keep on reading this article. In the following paragraphs, you will discover some wonderful tips for dog owners, meant to help you through this adjustment period and bond with your pet the right way. Keep in mind that you are not the only one adjusting to the situation, your dog needs time as well.

Establish a pet corner

The new dog will need his own space. This is especially true for puppies, who are still learning the rules and need boundaries before they are completely house trained. Establishing a pet corner will allow the dog to adjust more easily to the new environment, and, at the same time, give him somewhere to retreat to in case he feels overwhelmed.

If you have a puppy, use special pads to potty train him. In the pet corner, you can leave a small bowl of water, preferably the non-slip kind. Refrain from leaving food available at all times, as this can prevent you from establishing a feeding schedule. Use a clean blanket and one of those comfy baskets, in accordance to the size of your dog.

Offer comfort and attention to your dog

If humans have difficulties adjusting to a new place, you can imagine that dogs go through the same experience. For this reason, a new dog might bark or even wail until he adjusts to the new living quarters. It is your responsibility to offer comfort and attention to your dog, making sure that the process of adjustment goes as planned. Do not ignore him, as this can lead to destructive or aggressive behaviors.

Ensure that the basic needs of your dog are respected

Your dog needs to have a nutritious diet, as well as comfortable shelter and plenty of outings. You are responsible for ensuring the basic needs of your dog, including when it comes to his health. Always remember that a pet is a responsibility that cannot be ignored; once you have decided to get a dog, you need to look after him.

A good vet is a must

As soon as the dog has arrived into your home, it is time to find a good vet and schedule an appointment for the initial checkup. The vet will begin vaccination and assess the development of the dog, making sure he is completely healthy. The specialist might also provide information on how to take care of your dog, what kind of food to offer and how to prevent health problems (in accordance to size, breed and other particularities).

Go shopping for supplies

Once you have gotten a dog, and taken care of his basic needs, it is time to go shopping. There are specialized stores you can visit, where you can find the most amazing (and entertaining) dog toys, as well as leashes and collars, and other accessories. In case you are planning on traveling with the dog, you might also want to consider a crate. This should be suited to your dog’s size, allowing for plenty of space to stand and turn around.

Dog training for good behavior

Dogs need training. This will allow you to control your dog and ensure adequate behavior, not to mention it will offer a frame of reference for things allowed. Dog training should be done by a specialist, with the commands being taught to you as part of the process. This will offer you the opportunity to bond with your dog, and, thus, establish a long-term friendship.

These are just several tips all first-time dog owners should consider. Take time to adjust to your dog and allow him to do the same. Go on plenty of walks, play together and have fun, because this is an important part of being a dog owner – and, let’s face it, the most rewarding!

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