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The Dos & Don’ts When You Find a Stray Animal

The Dos & Don'ts When You Find a Stray Animal

There a numerous stray animals on the road and while you may want to pick one up and keep them with you, you might just be taking someone else’s pet.

Sometimes stray animals are quite injured and malnourished, and the only way to take care of them is to hand it over to someone experienced or animal safety. So if you ever stumble across a stray animal, here is a list of dos and don’ts for you to keep in mind.

1. Don’t Let it Out of Your Sight

If you find a stray animal on the street, then make sure not to let it out of your sight. If you leave, you may not be able to find it again. Stray animals are particularly harder to deal with and tend to not easily approach humans. But stick around and be patient.

2. Animal Control

Before calling Animal Control, check around the area in case you see any siblings of the stray animal. Call Animal Control and describe the scenario accordingly so that they are fully prepared when they come.

3. Animal Rescue Kit

Consider keeping an animal-rescue kit in your car. You can buy one or make one yourself by keeping basic items like a towel, a slip lead, a bottle of water, a bowl, some dry treats and wet canned food. In case there is an issue with animal control, or they don’t respond, then this kit will come in handy.

4. First, Treats

As aforementioned, stray animals require a lot of patience and persistence. Treats from your kit or the wet canned food can help entice these shy stray animals, and you can lure them towards you. Don’t approach them too aggressively and keep your distance so that they feel safe to come to you themselves.

5. They May be Scared

Stray animals are generally very afraid. Therefore, make sure you use a soft voice, so you don’t scare it away. Another way to avoid scaring it is by avoiding any sudden movements. Sudden movements may lead them to believe that you want to hurt them, and they won’t come back to you. So don’t raise your hands too much or make sudden movements.

6. Slip Leash

No matter which animal it is, once it is close to you and is eating some food or treats, make sure to slowly and carefully use the slip lead as it can help get a leash and the animal can’t run away.

7. Injuries and Identification

Once you’ve got the slip lead on, carefully check the animal’s body for any possible injuries or wounds. In case there are any, don’t try to treat them yourself in any way. Make sure not to irritate the wounds and expose it to the air. Next, check for a tag or any identification. If you find a number, then call them up and set a place to meet with them.

8. Animal Shelter

If there is no number or identification or if no one responds and the animal is wounded, take the animal straight to the nearest animal shelter. Save any useful information like an ID number and take a picture before leaving.

9. Spread the Word

Hang up posters in the area that you found the stray animal. On these posters, make sure to add the saved information on the animal and the picture so that if there is an owner, then they know it’s theirs and where and how they can pick it up. Posters are certainly not enough so also spread the message around on social media along with the same details and the picture.

You may or may not be an animal lover, and that is your choice. But if you see a stray animal, then there is a chance that you’re its only hope. Leaving it there with no help is definitely not the correct thing to do. So don’t just walk away and try getting them help in one way or another.

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