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Dogs, Mental Health, and How They Can Help You

Many of us suffer from mental health issues, and they can affect anyone, regardless of age or status. Depression and anxiety are two of the most common conditions that people suffer from, and in a world that is becoming increasingly stressful, it often seems like there is no way back to a calm and happy life. However, it’s not true, and happiness can be achieved again by getting help for your mental health, and a dog is often the best addition to a therapist. There have been plenty of studies to show how they can positively impact mental health, and here are a few of the ways they make things easier.

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What Can Dogs Help With?

There is a whole range of mental health conditions that dogs can help with, and we are able to list a few of them here for you:

–          Anxiety

–          Depression

–          BPD

–          Bipolar

–          PTSD

–          OCD

–          ADHD

–          Autism

–          Loneliness

Equally, a dog can be beneficial for the mental health of children and adults alike, offering comfort and support that they may not feel they would get anywhere else. In the next section, we look at a few of the ways dogs can help you.

How You Can Benefit

There are a number of ways that a dog can benefit your mental health. One of them is through the release of oxytocin. This hormone is responsible for reducing stress levels, lowering your heart rate, and even your blood pressure. It also creates a sense of calm in your mind and body, which can relieve feelings of anxiety and tension.

They can even help to rebalance the serotonin in the brain, which can decrease feelings of depression and hopelessness. However, one of the main ways they assist with combating depression is by giving purpose and structure to your day. Dogs need a certain level of care and several essentials throughout the day, and you are the only one that can provide them. In turn, you receive unconditional love and a feeling of validation as well as self-worth.

They are a shoulder to cry on, and a friend that will never judge you – regardless of what you are going through. They relieve fears of abandonment, and can bring calm to those with PTSD experiencing flashbacks and night terrors. There is very little that a dog cannot do to help alleviate your fears and bring more peace into your life.

To Conclude

Hopefully, this has helped you when it comes to understanding dogs and the ways in which they are able to have a positive impact on your mental health. There are very few (if any) conditions that they cannot help with, and you will be amazed by what they are able to do. From calming feelings of stress and anxiety, to ensuring that you feel secure during moments of blind and irrational panic, your dog is there to help you through every moment without an ounce of judgement.

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