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Why do Dogs Love Stuffed Animals?

Why do Dogs Love Stuffed Animals?

Dogs are the non-human equivalent to kids and no matter what happens, they are known to love just as much. One of their all-time favorite things are stuffed toys. Being a pet-parent, only you can understand the special bond that a dog has to their toys. However, the question remains. Why these plush toys are considered so special to dogs? That’s exactly what this post is here to discuss!

Here are a few things that can help you figure out why dogs are so attached to their stuffed toys:

1. To female dogs, some toys tend to act like puppies. Without acting being able to mother puppies, some female dogs tend to mother stuffed toys and give it the same amount of love that she would if it were her own pup.

2. Domesticated or not, dogs are born natural predators. In this case, keeping aside the motherly instinct of some female dogs, the natural instinct of others play a major role. Dogs love toys that they can really dig their teeth into and tear to shreds. It definitely acts like a good alternative if you decide to save your couch cushions from their inevitable tears!

3. Toys have a lot to do with the dog’s age. If your pup is young enough to go through teething then the chances are that they’re using their favorite toy as a way to help them. Even babies are given toys to help their teething! In the case of senior dogs, soft chew toys help with their sensitivity.

4. Dogs also tend to substitute your time with toys. If you’re known to play a tug game with them, they might carry around a rope toy as a way to keep a bit of you with them. Even if you don’t have time, they still play around or let you know that they want to play with you, with a simple toy.

5. Just as stated above, dogs tend to substitute your love with that of a toy. If you’re prone to playing with them and suddenly stopping, they tend to focus their energy on how good a toy makes them feel instead. Dogs love affection and anything that is able to give them that ends up being the favorite in their books.

6. Stuffed toys can help dogs going through behavioral problems and anxiety. Since dogs can’t communicate their problems, it usually comes out in the sense of using stuffed toys as comfort by being chew toys or something to shred into pieces as soon as the issue arises.

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