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Dogs Don’t Hold Grudges

I sometimes feel guilty after correcting my dogs. I dislike the way the dog sits in a corner, head down and without making eye contact. The look on her face says I shouldn’t have done what I just did, whether the correction includes shouting a ‘no’ or ‘stop ‘command or telling her to sit in a corner.

The look makes me feel guilty, but then I remind myself I love my dogs and my correction is only to make the relations between humans and dogs in our house favorable.

The good news is that, dogs don’t keep grudges. If after correcting the dog you go to her and initiate play, she will be more than glad to play with you. If you had to go for a trip and you left your dog at a friend’s house and she experienced separation anxiety, she won’t refuse to play with you or go home with you because you offended her. She will happily come along and just be happy you are back, immediately forgetting that you had to leave her.

Dogs Don't Hold Grudges1

I have come to the conclusion that maybe it’s because they have the intelligence of a two-year old. Most toddlers don’t keep grudges, and rely on us for care. As the person the dog has entrusted her leadership to, you need to take care of her by correcting her when she is wrong, exercising her and giving her a diet appropriate for her weight and gender.

As a pack leader, you also need to be fair in your dealings with the dog. Just because she won’t keep grudges doesn’t mean you can go ahead and hit her whenever or yell at her just because you are stressed. Only correct her when it’s necessary, and do so without malice.

Dogs Don't Hold Grudges2

When you are fair and certain you are correcting your dog appropriately, you can justify the guilt that slips in when the dog looks at you sadly. Just like kids, dogs need to be corrected, sad eyes not with standing, for peaceful coexistence with humans and other dogs.

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Dogs Don’t Hold Grudges

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