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Why do Dogs Destroy Toys

Why Dogs Destroy Toys

It is no top secret that dogs love their toys, but even so, they know how to destroy them. But why do dogs destroy toys? But as you might have predicted, the behavior is perfectly natural since your dogs don’t see toys as toys. For your dog, a brand new, perfectly intact toy is nothing other than a vessel for their primal instincts!

Here are the reasons why they love to destroy their toys!


For one, boredom! Dogs that are bored tend to get into trouble by looking for ways to entertain themselves. Boredom can lead to excessive chewing, barking, digging, and other destructive behaviors. Your puppy gets bored, and when they do, they want to amuse themselves, and sometimes, it is not in a way that you will appreciate.

We Trained Them Too

The reason is that we trained them to destroy several different things. When you get a dog, the way they aggressively go after their toys is charming to us, so without knowing it, we tend to encourage it, and this leads to them to proceed on the way to destruction.

Dogs like It

Similar to us training dogs to destroy various different things while they are young, they might enjoy the actual act on their own. For us, it’s a mess, for them, it’s fun!

They Get the Toy Whenever They Want

A dog that can get at his toys all of the time will eventually tear them apart. I mean, what do you expect? It should instead be a reward rather than something enjoyable that they get to have because they are the best and we love them.

Toys are not built to Last Forever

We all love those cute plush toys, especially the ones designed for the holidays, because what’s a holiday if we are not celebrating with our dogs? But toys are not made to last forever. They are designed to be destroyed, SAFELY, by your dog, since that’s what dogs do.

Stress and Frustration

Your puppy is capable of getting angry, and when he or she does- now they are looking for several different ways to relieve that frustration. For them, destroying things close by can do this, regardless of whether it is their precious toy. Stress does the same thing to them, and they can’t convey themselves with words, their activities and actions say it all!

The toy is not rotated

To keep toys for you dog lasting longer, rotate them to give each and every toy a longer and healthy life! (But no promises of toy “immortality” here!

Lack of Mental and Physical Stimulation

The lack of mental and physical stimulation is similar to boredom, if play time is not interactive enough or does not burn sufficient energy. You must have toys for your dog that make them use their mind, they like to think, and they hurt when you do not stimulate their brain. Similar to this, if you are not exercising them, they are going to look something to get rid of that additional energy.

Separation Anxiety

What we are feeling our dogs can also feel. For an unknown reason if we feel bad or worried for them, they know and they catch on. Because of this reason, the number of dogs getting separation anxiety is increasing with every passing day. This is an incredible reason why dogs destroy toys, but don’t worry, you can train them out of it! Keep working hard, to keep them happy, and teach them that it is okay to be alone sometimes.

You Have a Heavy Chewer

Try not to be fooled by your dogs size, even if they are little, they can still chew with the best of them. A Chihuahua is not certainly going to be happy with a plush, he might need a hard robust toy too! Get quality toys that work with your dogs personality, and give them toys that work with their chew style. Pet Qwerks has a variety of dog chews like BarkBones, Flavorit Bones, even a Nylon Rawhide Dog Chew or Antler!

That Killer Instinct

This is possibly the most interesting of all above reasons. You realize that those squeaky toys that your dog goes wild for? The squeak in the toy is meant to signify a dying animal, so for them, they are tearing separately their prey. They are still descendants of wolves, and domestic or not, it is their natural instinct.

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