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Dog Walking Tips: How to Walk Your Dog

Dog Walking Tips: How to Walk Your Dog

Daily walks are probably the best part of every dog’s life. Taking your dog on regular walks gives your pet the necessary physical exercise, but also the mental stimulation every dog needs to be healthy and happy. There are many things for new owners to learn when it comes to dog walking facts.

Walks should be a part of your daily routine for the rest of your pet’s life, so it’s very important to learn how to walk a dog in a way that allows both of you to enjoy it. Going out should be pleasant and rewarding for your pet and you as the owner. In this article, we will explain how to walk a dog that pulls and what’s the proper etiquette when walking your dog.

Switch to a Front Clip Harness

If you’re wondering how to train your dog to follow leash, switching from a back-clip harness to one that locks in the front is the best thing you could do. Unlike back clip harnesses that promote pulling, front clip harnesses will allow you to turn your dog towards you once he starts pulling – and fully grab his attention. It’s amazing how many serial pullers have stopped pulling after switching to a front clip harness, which is why it’s often a part of professional dog walker gear.

Allow Some Sniffing Around

Dogs are natural explorers, and daily walks are usually the only time they get to explore. Don’t rush your walks and stop your dog from sniffing around. Give them some extra time to explore their surroundings because they need all the information and mental stimulation they get with sniffing. It’s your dog’s way of staying on top of everything that’s happening in the neighborhood, so don’t deny him that. An interesting, sniffing walk can give your dog much more stimulation than a 10-minute brisk walk around the block.

Loose That Retractable Leash

When it comes to dog walking tips leash pulling is the most common problem owners try to solve with them. If you have a dog that already pulls when you take him out for a walk, using a retractable leash will only make things worse. When you use a retractable leash, your dog gets rewarded for pulling so he has no reason to stop.
Dog Walking Tips: How to Walk Your Dog

Bring Water

If your walks last for more than half an hour, make sure to bring lots for water for your dog. Dogs don’t regulate their temperature as easily as we humans do, and they can easily overheat, especially in summer. Dogs cool off through breathing, so they can easily dehydrate during walking dog workout. Always have a water bottle and a bowl with you if you go on long walks.

Don’t Forget to Bring Treats

No matter where you decide to walk your dog, there will be distractions. Dogs, and especially young dogs, are curious, and they make a special event out of every squirrel or cat they spot. It’s best to always have your dog’s favorite treat at hand so you can grab his attention when it comes to it. You don’t have to buy pet store treats. You can bring something your pup usually likes, like fruit or vegetables. Bonus hint: chopped meat always works.

Dog Breeding Mix Matters

All puppies are filled with energy and playful, and they demand frequent walks and lots of exercises. As dogs get older, their differences begin to show. If you wander is walking a dog enough exercise, you should know that not every breed needs the same amount of activity. Some dogs need at least an hour of exercise every day, while other breeds are perfectly fine with a few short walks around the block. It’s useful to know the characteristics of your dog’s breed or the mixture of breeds you can spot on him.

Always Pick Up Your Dog’s Poop

Picking up after your dog isn’t just a sign of being civilized and tidy. Dog poop that stays on the ground may cause many problems for both pets and humans. Pet waste can be contaminated with giardia, E. coli, hookworms, roundworms, salmonella, etc. These can all spread to humans and other animals. When people don’t pick up dog poop and leave those diseases on the ground, the harmful organisms can pollute local water supply through the soul.

Dog Walking Tips: How to Walk Your Dog

Create a Routine and Stick to It

Sticking to a routine has multiple benefits when it comes to dog walking. You should walk them at the same time every day, and take the same routes to the same places. It will help your dog learn how you expect him to behave while they are relaxed and on common ground. They will then behave the same way when you take them to a new park.

Hire a Professional Dog Walker

Many people use the services of professional dog walkers. If you’re wondering what does a dog walker do, the answer is simple: they take your dog out for walks. Owners often don’t have time to stick to their dog walking schedule every day and the best solution for keeping the routine going is finding a reliable dog walker.

Make Your Dog Easy to Identify

Always make sure your dog has his ID tag on him when he gets out of the house. The best solution is to have your dog microchipped. The microchip contains your information so people can get your dog back to you in case he wanders or runs off in tricky situations. You should also have a collar with the dog’s name and your phone number, just in case someone who doesn’t know about microchips finds him.

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