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Dog Problems to Look Out for in Autumn

Fall brings with it a lot of pleasantries; crisp, cool air, to-die-for scenes along your hiking or running trails and an end to summer’s stifling heat. For moms with school age kids, it’s time for the children to go back to school and mom can spend some quality time alone in peace. For pet owners, it means you can now go for long walks with your pet without fear that he will get dehydrated. However, fall also brings in some pains for you as a pet owner, so you need to be extra careful to keep your dog safe.

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Remember fall is mushroom season. Although most mushrooms are edible, there are some that are highly poisonous. For your dog’s safety, keep him away from areas where wild mushrooms grow.

Due to the falling temperatures, most people like to switch on central heating, which in turn leads to an increased population of fleas and ticks that seek warm places. Check your dog for these parasites and use appropriate measures to eliminate them.

Rats also tend to move in with their human neighbors, unwelcomed of course. If you use rodenticides to kill the rats, make sure you keep the poison in areas that your dog can’t access. Personally, I prefer to have a cat or two as permanent members of the family, and the circle of life takes care of the unwelcome rodent visitors.

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The falling temperatures lead to increased cases of allergic rhinitis in dogs, causing loud snorting, sneezing, and a clear discharge from the dog’s nose. Other health problems include skin conditions, and aching joints. If you notice any of these and other problems, seek a vet’s help to keep your pet in great health.

Since days are shorter and nights longer during fall, you might find yourself taking your dog for walks in the dark. It’s wise to wear a reflective jacket if your walks are on a busy road so that you are visible to motorists. If the usual trail is not safe in the dark, choose a different route that has more people walking on it to stay safe.

Dog Problems to Look Out for in Autumn

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