Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys

Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Dog Park Safety Tips

Pick the best dog park for you and your pet

Ideally, an off-leash park should have:

1. A double door entrance, secure fencing, and posted rules of conduct

2. Located centrally, quality stocked poop bag dispensers and waste cans

3. Separate areas for both large and small dogs, and plenty of room for dogs to run

4. A sheltered area with seating

5. Dog friendly water fountains

Before you take your dog into the fenced area, take some time to scan the activity in the park. If there are several different dogs, careless owners, destructive animals, or piles of dog waste lying around, I recommend finding a different park, or returning when the situation has improved.

Unless your dog is medically exempt from getting rabies vaccinations

Make sure to keep her rabies tag up-to-date or titer your dog. But be alert some parks do not agree to take rabies titers. If your dog, heaven forbid, should bite a different dog or a human, you will be compulsory to prove his rabies vaccination is up-to-date or there could be some very unpleasant penalties for you and your pet.

Ensure your dog is constantly responsive

To basic commands of obedience like come, sit, stay, and leave it. This will benefit you control her in a potentially dangerous circumstances.

Bring necessary supplies with you


1. Your dog’s leash

2. Poop bags and fresh water

3. Your phone to make an emergency call if needed

4. A little thing to break up a fight between dogs, such as an animal deterrent spray or an air-horn

Be vigilant

It is not needed to be on high alert every time you visit the dog park, but it is vital to be alert. Do not let your dog inside the gate if there are several different dogs gathered there. Wait till they wander off before opening the gate and take out your dogs leash.

Paying attention on your dog, but also be very attentive because of several other dogs around him especially if they appear very excited or aggressive. If your dog responds with fear or seems overcome, call him back to you and extract him from the situation. Save your local Animal Control number in your cell phone contact list.

If the dog park you visit does not have a separate small dog area

Be very cautious of big dogs around little ones. If your dog is big, do not allow her to scare or threaten small size dogs. If your dog is little, I recommend you search a best dog park along with a separate dog area for small dogs. Aggressive dogs come in all sizes, however a small dog has a better chance of living an act of aggression by a dog his size.

Be extremely cautious of enormous pooches around minimal ones. In the event that your pooch is huge, don’t enable her to panic or undermine little size puppies. On the off chance that your pooch is little, I prescribe you look through a best puppy stop alongside a different canine region for little mutts. Forceful mutts come in all sizes, anyway a little canine has a superior possibility of living a demonstration of animosity by a puppy his size.

Difference between play and aggression in dogs

A playful dog bounces around everywhere, wags her tail, and normally looks relaxed both in posture and facial expression. A dog that is showing aggression frequently has a stiff stance, raised hackles, a closed mouth, and is hyper-focused.

If your dog and another dog start snarling at each other, stay calm and do not shout. Ordered your dog back to you with a basic command and move to another spot far from the other dog, and take your pet out of the park if you or he still feels endangered. If your dog is up in a fight, do not grab his collar because you could get hurt. Rather, use your deterrent spray or air horn to break up the battle.

If your dog is being frightening or aggressive to other dogs or even if he is acting overly happy

Your safest option is to take him out from the park and visit some other day. It is unwise to assume your dog, even if he is ordinarily passive, will never attack on other dog or human. Unfortunately, it occurs, and what I always hear from the dog’s owner is, “But he is never done that before!”

It is crucial to know your dog’s temperament and moods. It is also significant to realize that you cannot with complete certainty predict his behavior 99 percent of the time.

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