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Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Dog Intelligence: Here’s How to Tell How Smart Your Dog is

Dog Intelligence Test

A dog owner may often have one question cross their mind, that is, “How smart is my dog?” They may find strange ways to try to determine it; however, most of them may come to no avail. To help such curious owners and dog masters, there are a couple of dog intelligence tests that have been proven to ascertain how the mind of a dog works and to correctly deduce its level of problem-solving skills and smartness.

Dog Intelligence: Here’s How to Tell How Smart Your Dog is

1. A piece of cloth can be placed over the head of a dog and the amount of time it takes to remove the cloth can help in deciding its ability to solve problems. Some dogs may do it easily, in ten seconds, while some may take more than a minute to do so.

2. If the dog is able to figure out how to open a closed door, with the help of the handle or the lock of a door, it can be considered smart and intelligent enough and have strong skills of escaping from detrimental situations.

3. Teaching-commands to a dog is a very important part of training it. An intelligent dog would be able to remember the commands even if the owners skip practicing it with it. It would also be able to get used to the commands after only a few sessions.

Dog Intelligence: Here’s How to Tell How Smart Your Dog is

4. It will emote different emotions when it sees its owners packing their bags or preparing to leave. This is also a dog-intelligence-test, to prove that it is witty enough to understand different situations on the basis of how its master’s work or act.

5. Rearrangement of furniture in a room and changing the spot where a dog likes to spend most of its time is also a healthy way to play with its cognitive skills and to check how long or short it takes for a dog to go back to its favorite spot, even after a mix-up in the placement of furniture.

Dog Intelligence: Here’s How to Tell How Smart Your Dog is

Signs of Intelligence in Dogs

Here are a few signs that can determine the intelligence in dogs:

– They will react positively to all the dog-intelligence-tests.
– They will be able to retain all the commands taught to it, even after a prolonged period of time.
– If they see that their owners are sad, they will cuddle up with them and show their emotions and affection.
– They will grab the belongings of their masters, even before they are asked to do it.
– They’ll be careful to stay away from situations that may cause them harm or predators that can attack them.
– They will have an active lifestyle. They’ll enjoy spending time outdoors, jumping, strolling and making sure that their mind and body stays active.
– They know how to grab the undivided attention of their owners.
– They are particular about their favourite toys.
– They’ll be cautious to guard the house and keep it protected from intruders.
– They are intelligent enough to identify different images and sounds.

Top 8 Toys for Dogs

1. Pet Qwerks Zombie BAMBOO BarkBone

A soft bone, with an easy-to-chew material. It is available in up to four different sizes. It is made out of renewable and sustainable bamboo fibres along with a peanut butter flavouring.

2. CBD BarkBone Dog Chew Toy

It is infused with CBD extracted from the Hemp plant. This dog-chew-toy is great for various therapeutic reasons. Highly recommended for aggressive chewers.

CBD BarkBone Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers, Made in USA

3. Big Squeaker Emoji Plush Pet Toy

Plush toys are a great way for dogs to emote their personalities, behavior or reactions to different situations. This one is made of the highest quality material that is durable and safe to use.

4. Growling Bear with Electronic Sound Plush Dog Toy

Goofy and a fun character plush dog toy that has fun electronic sounds installed in it to keep dogs entertained for hours. It can also be used to train the dogs.

5. Rope Ring Tug of War, Toss and Fetch Dog Chew Toy

Along with being chewable and biteable, they act as a great object to play with dogs, keeping them healthy and encouraging them to exercise and remain fit. It also helps them to remain fit, mentally.

6. Pet Qwerks Bongo BarkBone with Prime Rib Flavor Dog Chew Toy

Available in three different sizes, they are made of high quality nylon material that provides ample massage to the gums, and helps in maintaining the oral hygiene of dogs.

7. FLiPSTiCK™ Chase and Tug Interactive Dog Toy

Interactive dog-toys are probably the best objects to keep dogs fit both mentally and physically. It gives them the chance to react to different sounds and vibrations and thus proves as an excellent material for dog-intelligence-test.

8. Animal Sounds X-Tire Ball Dog Toy

This interactive toy has the capability to make animal voices, whenever it is touched by dogs. It has a smooth surface and is extremely safe and fun to play with.


Dogs are probably the friendliest creatures ever. They are loyal, seek and give ample affection and are intelligent and smart enough to determine between the right and wrong. With a proper diet, a lot of exercise, and abundant love and care, they will prove to be the best four-legged friend one can have in life.

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