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Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Dog Friendly Restaurants – This shall Serve as a Guide!

Is your little fella a dog? You must have encountered situations where you were told that the dog cannot be allowed inside the restaurant. This is a major let down when you are out to enjoy with your dog but the eateries aren’t really an option! Let us give you a list of restaurants and eateries that shall rid you off this hassle!

1. Bistro Chat Noir, New York, New York:

This restaurant is known for its lush outdoor patio that is specifically made to serve the cute dogs. The dog owners are given the feasibility to create a personalized garden party to entertain their dogs! This eatery has a wide variety of dog toys and treats to keep the fella entertained, interested and engaged. Also, they provide huge amount of water to keep the dogs hydrated. Certainly a good stop! All of this comes with reasonable seasonal fares!

2. Ray’s and Stark, Los Angeles, California:

Operating at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, this place embraces every dog owner and their dogs! Their menu is called the “Man’s Best Friend” menu. The dishes in the menu are available every Sunday between 10AM to 3PM. The mouthwatering dishes for your dog include steamed chicken & broccoli bowl, pizza crust, chicken liver & brown rice cookies, and a pup treat. Also, this restaurant offers delectable treats for the owners as well. You shall get to know when you visit it.

3. 312 Chicago, Chicago, Illinois:

This is located inside the Kimpton Allegro Hotel, and allows dogs to have a good time with ZERO PET FEE. This is an Italian restaurant which caters to your furry friend every weekend. This restaurant offers complimentary chef-made pup treats for the Fido with any kind of purchases! The pups can get whatever they like from their DOGS’ MENU! The not so pricey entrées include Chicken and Pasta; Carrots, Celery, and Cheese; Salmon & White Rice; etc.

4. Sally’s Fish House & Bar, San Diego, California:

With a recently expanded deck that provides a spectacular view of the San Diego Bay, have a good time with this faithful companion of yours! This place also has a menu for dogs which include treats like Chicken and Rice, Sally’s Famous Pup-cakes, rawhide bones, and much more! Cherry on the top is the fact the restaurant offers a dog-friendly craft beer! So what are you waiting for? Wouldn’t you want to raise a toast with your dog?

5. Filini, Chicago, Illinois:

This restaurant has a dog friendly menu with dog burgers, meatballs, sweet potatoes, frosty paws ice creams and much more! It also serves homemade dog biscuits that are delicious enough to be savored by humans as well! This place also has attractive water bowls and Radisson Blu placemats for your pup to have a cozy time at Filini!

6. Miss Ricky’s, Chicago, Illinois:

This place conducts a Yappy hour every Wednesday for your loyal pal! Also, their scenic patio is open to all kind of pets to have fun with their human companions. Don’t forget to stop by Miss Ricky’s for fun, enjoyment, cocktails and delicious dog treats!

You would not have to worry for your pooch anymore. Make a reservation for the restaurant that you liked the most. Your pup shall love it!

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