Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys

Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Dog-Friendly Holiday Ideas

1- England

The animal confinement laws have been comfortable in the U.K., so there’s no longer a constitutional quarantine period as long as your pet possesses a passport. England is a land of pet lovers, so cat- and dog-friendly housing can easily be found. The country lanes and rolling hills are no less than a paradise for a dog walker, and your lodging will mostly have a secluded garden with enough room for your pets to exercise.

2- Greece

Beach holidays in Greece can be an exhilarating experience for your pet dog. There is possibly no better way to entertain your four-legged acquaintance than with the joys of sea and sand. It’s an ideal option not to go in the summers, however, as the high temperatures might not be suitable for your pet. Spring is greatly desirable. Most holiday hotels here are air-conditioned, giving your pet a chance to cool off.

3- France

A country where dogs are allowed in almost every place, France is a must go for dog lovers. The French love all canine friends, and nearly all the restaurants more than welcome all dogs. There possibly could not be anything more pleasant than enjoying the tastiest drink on a pavement café while your dog enjoys the water sitting beside you in the meantime. In France, you will find all well-behaved dogs welcomed at some tourist attractions.

4- Spain

Just the thought of relaxing in Spain with your dog is good enough to convince you to visit the place. You can jump in the water with your dog to cool off. Spain is a relatively easy-going state where you can take your dog. The bigger cities often tend to have toilets and exercise areas for dogs. Although, it is highly recommended that you do not bring your dog during the peak summer season as it can prove to be dangerous for the dog’s health. Always ensure they have a suitable supply of drinking water.

5- Austria

In order to enter the state of Austria, you have to get an ISO microchip for your dog. Austria has imposed a limit of travelling with only three pets at a time for one person. The vaccination details of the pet have a requirement of having the language in German or an attached translation. Austria is an extremely dog friendly country, and you will be able to travel with your dog in public transport and almost all restaurants. You can share memorable experiences of vigorous exercise with your dog on this exciting, mountainous landscape.

6- Turkey

Turkey has seemingly adopted the regulations and is abiding by the rules of the EU regarding all pet entries across the border. Only one dog is allowed at a time, however. Turkey is an extravagant mixture of the west and the east, with winter skiing in the mountain range, beach holidays and several captivating architectural sites. A house stay in Turkey is guaranteed to provide you with plenty of things to do around family and friends.

7- Wales

Holiday cottages are one of the most welcoming places on earth in Wales, and they are very welcoming for dogs. The green and mountainous landscape of the nation is no less than a haven for dog lovers, and it is a sure thing that you and your pet will be able to find a considerable amount of exercise. The moist and cool climate of Wales is one of the most ideal for your pet.

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