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Crate Training for Dogs

Dog Crate Training for Dogs

Why should you crate train your dog?

  • Crate training your dog makes house training them a whole lot easier. When you assign a crate to your dog, they are aware that they are supposed to sleep in there and hence they refrain from soiling in it. This is where you can come and make it a habit to take them out every few hours to allow them to have a potty break. Eventually they will understand that they aren’t supposed to void in side of the house and are supposed to go out for it.
  • By crate training your dog you are also making it easy for yourself to transport them whenever you have to. May it be a road trip across the country or travel for a big move, your dog will know what place to be in through it and this will make things super easy for you.
  • Crate training is a great way to teach your dog about boundaries and rules. By assigning a crate to them you teach them what things they are allowed to do and when to follow instructions. Specially ensuring the time that you are busy and cannot pay attention to your dog, it is very convenient to train your pet to stay in the crate so that they don’t remain unattended. By placing your dog in a crate you also establish a hierarchy and that makes it easier for you to give commands and your pet to listen to you.

What kind of Crate should you choose for your dog?

It is important for you to choose a crate that is the right size and fits your dog. The crate should give your dog enough space to relax and not feel trapped in it. Commonly there are two kinds of crates that are available:

Plastic crates
If you are planning to move and want your dog to travel with you, using a plastic crate is great idea. Otherwise plastic crates aren’t usually preferred inside of your home. They also pretty good when you want to give a little extra security and privacy to your dog.

Metal dog crates
Metal crates are the most preferred type of crates used to crate train your dog. They are easy to dissemble and transport and then you can construct them back up. You can see your pet at all times through metal wires and cleaning it out is also easier. These crates make it difficult for your dog to escape and they come in many sizes to suit you and your dog’s comfort.

How to crate train?

1. Introduce your dog to the crate
2. Feed your dog in the crate
3. Gradually increase the amount of hours inside of the crate
4. Put your dog in the caret when you are leaving
5. Put them in the crate at night

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