Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys

Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Dog Chew Toy

Dog Chew Toy

Dog Chew Toy with Tiny flavor cells are molded into both sides, simply fill the cells with peanut butter, cheese, or your dog’s favorite spread.

Yes! The battery compartment can be opened by removing the 2 deep set phillips screws. Replace with 3 new 1.5 volt (AG13/LR44) button cell batteries. They should be readily available from your local supermarket or drug store.

How durable is the Babble Ball?

They are built to take a pretty good beating! Their intended use is as an indoor toy. It can be rolled around the room and will not be affected by hitting the walls. Aside from aggressive chewing, the behavior of your dog will not cause damage.

If your dog is an aggressive chewer we suggest you drop the ball inside a pair of old socks. This often changes the behavior. They are not designed to be hit with baseball bats or tennis rackets. They contain electronic components.

Is the Babble Ball right for my pet?

The Babble Balls appeal most to pets that like to play and have energy to burn. Most dogs are incredibly excited to play the moment they hear the ball. Some timid dogs and cats may be initially cautious but curiosity usually wins over quickly. Ferrets love the Kitty balls instantly.

The Sharon Osbourne Show: The Babble Ball makes funny noises and wisecracks when touched or breathed on, to create an illusion that the ball is “alive.” “Hey, what are you doing?” Grrr! ,”That tickles” are some of the sounds it shouts out when triggered by a pet breathing, pawing, biting, or the vibrations from just walking past it. There are three versions, a cat version, big dog, and small dog version.”

The Detroit Free Press: “Another in the “Good gift for the pet of an ex” category, this motion-sensitive ball begins talking when you remove a tiny white tag. DO NOT LOSE THIS TAG! Your living room resounds with high-pitched, witty repartee as ball-loving dogs grapple with this constant talker. Burt and Freeway were intrigued by the sounds; we were confused. What must have been “Hey, good doggy” came out sounding like “Who’s your daddy?” in the babbler’s distorted chipmunk voice.”

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