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Dog Apartment Hacks: Make your Area Smell Better

Dog Apartment Hacks: Make your Area Smell Better

Dog odor will be a deal breaker when it comes to showing your property to any new renters, or sometimes your guest will also hesitate to stay at your place because of the bad odor. Here in this article, we will tell you about some of the most efficient ways to kill that odor.

How to Eliminate Dog Odor

Your four-legged friends can indeed create a lot of bad odor in your house. It is not only a bad odor that gets circulated inside your house but also some germs or bacteria. We can avoid this by cleaning our house properly every day to make it smell better and fresh.

Set Up a Cleaning Schedule

If you want to eliminate pet odor from your apartment, then you need to make a regular schedule for cleaning your house. Prepare a list that will contain vacuuming the floor, mopping the floor, steaming for cleaning the carpets, change the filters, wash the linens, and wash all the toys as well.

It will help in cleaning your house from all the bacteria and germs that can cause the odor and can welcome harmful diseases to your home.

Vacuum First, Yes, Vacuum

One must put a lot of attention towards the carpet because it can attract a huge amount of dust, hair, or dander. After you clean all the tiny parts of the carpet, you will need to focus on the furniture as well, along with the curtain. By vacuuming, you will be able to remove things that smell and make sure you are purchasing a vacuum cleaner that has been specifically designed to clean homes which have pets.

Mop Floors: One needs to clean all the loose debris that is created by the pets. The dirt and hair get trapped in several places, and these are very fine and light particles, so one needs to mop the floors thoroughly. Always clean the floor gently to avoid kicking off the things up in the air. While mopping, use some liquid that can clean your house from germs.

Steam Clean All the Carpets

To get rid of the entire odour, you need to steam clean the carpet. Always use pet-friendly chemicals. Make sure you are keeping your dog away from the place when you will be performing the steam cleaning and only allow them after the carpet gets completely dry.

Wash All of Your Linens, Including Couch Cushion Covers and Pillow Cases

The fabrics that are in your house can also create a lot of odours. Make sure you are washing it in the machine by using a strong detergent that will kill not only the odour but also the bacteria. Wash all the cushion cover or pillowcases and dry it thoroughly before you are putting it on the pillows again.

Wash Your Pet’s Bed

In the entire house, you will find that the bed of your pet is the smelliest and it contains a lot of hair, urine, dander, and saliva as well. Make sure you are purchasing a dog bed that can be washed in the machine. Make sure you are cleaning it by taking off the cover. Also, clean the cushion with a stain repellent.

Expose to Sunlight and Fresh Air

To reduce the odour that is caused by a pet, you need to allow some fresh air inside your house. Always keep your windows open if it is possible. One can also purchase the attic fan as they are equally helpful.

Change Your Home’s Air Filters

You can also use some air filters as well because it will help in coping up with the pet odor issue. Also, ensure that the applied filters are adequately treated for preventing debris and dust from getting accumulated in the air filter.


Regular cleaning is essential, so, make sure you are performing at least some of the steps to keep the pet odor or pet stains at bay. Check Out several products that will help in removing the smell from your house that is created by the pets.

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