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Do Bulldogs Shed? Tips on Bathing, Shedding and Grooming English Bulldogs

Do Bulldogs Shed? Tips on Bathing, Shedding and Grooming English Bulldogs

Everyone knows bulldogs. They’re famous for being short, loyal, courageous, and they make the perfect family pup. They’re great around kids and are also very friendly to strangers. What’s more? They’re low maintenance and are thus perfect to have indoors.

Young bulldog puppies are frisky, while the adults are quieter. They spend a large portion of the day snoring away. They need a good amount of exercise to stay fit and active.

Do Bulldogs shed a lot of hair?

Not a lot. Bulldogs do shed a moderate amount of hair. The shedding particularly increases during the months of spring and fall.

Some people think dogs don’t worry their owners with a lot of shedding, but this is clearly not true. Short hair-length means a shorter growth cycle which causes a lot more hair to shed and float around. Shedding is a very normal thing to happen and almost every dog sheds at some point in life. This may happen especially during seasonal changes like spring and fall.

So if you see your dog shedding hair during these seasons, it’s natural. Give your worries a rest as this is the way your dog’s coat adapts to the changes in weather. Excessive shedding can also be caused due to a poor diet. If you’re feeding your pup cheaper, poor quality food, this might be the reason for the excessive shedding. If you feel this might be the reason for shedding, you can opt for better quality options. Stress is also one main factor that can cause a lot of shedding. If you feel you’re unable to determine what might be causing your pup to shed so much, it’s always a smart decision to consult a vet and have your pet checked.

How to groom a bulldog?

Grooming your bulldog might not be as tedious as you may think. Their smooth coat is easy to brush. Simply give them a quick brush but ensure that the brush has good bristles. Do this at least once or twice a week and you’re sorted. You can opt for more brushing during the seasons when they shed a lot more than usual.

Do Bulldogs Shed? Tips on Bathing, Shedding and Grooming English Bulldogs

The best way to keep shedding under control is by brushing their coat regularly. When you brush your dog, you remove all the dead hair. When you brush once or twice a week, you’ll be able to remove the dead hair and loose hair too. This helps a lot since regular brushing increases the circulation and spread of natural oils on their skin. A major cause of excessive shedding is dry and irritated skin, the natural oils of the coat will help to resolve this issue.

Remember that regular brushing is the simplest way to keep shedding under control. Make sure you brush the loose and dead hair often.

Are They Hypoallergenic?

No, they are not. In fact, no dog is truly hypoallergenic. Even those with different coats or those without hair. The reason is that the pathogens that cause sneezing actually are from saliva and dead skin that is flying in the air. Thus if a lot of hair floats, the allergy worsens.

How to reduce shedding?

As mentioned earlier, brushing is the simplest and easiest way to reduce shedding. It’s important to make it a routine and brush your dog accordingly. Some say coconut oil keeps its hair strong. This also reduces shedding drastically. Does your pup have flaky and dry skin? In that case, you may want to use fish oil.

The market today offers a variety of de-shedding tools that claim to remove dead hair. They do the job for you by digging down to pull out all the loose hair. They’re not an important step and not something your bulldog will enjoy every day but they will produce the best results in the shortest amount of time. Give them regular baths. The formulas used in shampoos meant for humans can also cause shedding as they may not suit your dog’s coat. This may also cause dry skin which will further increase shedding.

You can also choose various natural supplements that are easily available in the pet store. However, it’s crucial to consult a vet before making any changes to what you give them.

In all, bulldogs enliven the atmosphere in the house while also being low maintenance. They don’t require a lot of exercise and like staying in cool weather. Bulldogs make great friends and playmates for kids. They are easy to groom and don’t shed a lot of hair.

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