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Discourage Destructive Behavior in Dogs with These 8 Tips

Discourage Destructive Behavior in Dogs with These 8 Tips

We all love our dogs. There really isn’t much that we wouldn’t do for them, for all the love that they give us. Sometimes we even let them chew on our things, and as cute as it looks, this could promote destructive behavior. A lot of us have all been in that situation. You go through your closet, pull out your beautiful pair of red stilettos, and you realize they have been torn to pieces. The culprit? Your adorable little dog.

It can be difficult for a dog lover to discipline a dog, and that is understandable. But it is important to understand what constitutes the destructive behavior in your dog. Dogs love to chew on their dog toys or dog chews, and puppies have a blast while they are teething on their own pet toys. But there may be a reason for destructive behavior. Maybe your dog has separation anxiety or he is not getting enough physical or mental stimulation. Even changes in the environment and routine can lead to destructive behavior. Getting to the root cause of destructive behavior is important, and to discourage such behavior, there are several tips to create an enriching and peaceful environment full of exercise and training which would reduce destructive behavior of your furry friend.

Change your behavior: Be attentive

Always keep an eye on your dog and give him the attention that he deserves. They are our babies and much like newborns; puppies are also curious and lack experience. They want to explore, and they want your attention. If you are attentive, they probably won’t seek ways to capture your attention by destructive behavior.

Create a secure and safe space

Train your furry best friend to stay in an area that is made just for them! Make it comfy, soft and inviting. If they feel comfortable and are confined to their space when you are not at home then this would discourage them from engaging in behavior that is destructive. They would feel safe and secure with their favorite dog toys till you are back.

Leave your scent behind

If you are leaving your dog for a few hours or for a longer duration, make sure that you have their favorite dog toys and roll it between your hands so that your scent is on their toy. This gives them something to remember you by. And in case they feel anxious or scared, which can lead to destructive behavior, this would calm them down. Playing soothing music as well could help discourage destructive behavior if you are not at home.

Prevention is better than cure

Put away things that your dog could potentially get into their mouth such as small toys or clothing or shoes. Valuables and jewelries should also be kept away. As a puppy they would be curious to try and chew anything. Keep close supervision on your dog and prevent them from resorting to destructive behavior. Our furry friends can be a little sly at times, so it is best to keep them in a cabinet which they can’t open.

Choose dog toys wisely

You must be sure that you have plenty of tough and durable dog toys and dog chews like BarkBones as an alternative to your shoes or furniture.
While plush animals make great dog toys, for chewing a tougher substance may work better.

Correct then divert

If you see your dog with an item that is yours that you do not want them to chew on, correct them and then give them a pet toy or a dog chew to divert their attention, this will help build a connection or association with what are appropriate items to chew on.

Don’t encourage your dog to chew on your old items

It is prudent to not give your dog one of your old articles, such as your shoes or socks to chew on. This inadvertently encourages your dog to chew on such items, and if your dog is bored one day he may take a brand new pair of your shoes thinking it is alright to do so. You are unintentionally allowing them to chew on your things as they can’t distinguish what is old or new. Instead let them chew on their own dog toys so they know that it is acceptable to do so. Train your furry friend to know what belongs to them, and this way destructive behavior may be discouraged.

Regular exercise

Exercise is essential for your dog depending on the breed and age. Preferably twice a day or at least thirty minutes would do your best friend wonders. This ensures that your four-legged-friend is never bored and helps keep his energy level balanced. High energy levels and boredom are some common reasons for destructive behavior. Exercise and training help discourage such behavior. Playing fetch with their favorite pet toys or by keeping them occupied with dog chews is a great way to have fun and exercise at the same time.

We all want the best for our dogs. Keep them stimulated – play tricks with them, old and new to get their attention. Keep them energized and excited, and show them how much you love them. In these ways, destructive behavior can be discouraged.

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