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Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Day Trip Packing Tips

You’ve been lucky with sunny days, and the weather man has promised the trend will continue for a few weeks. To enjoy the good weather you plan on a day trip and bring all the family members, including your barking friend. Here is a checklist to make sure that the dog is as comfortable as you are during the trip and has fun.

If the weather is fair, most likely the sun is out to play and sometimes can get too hot. To keep your dog hydrated during the trip bring along water and a plastic water bowl.

Day trip packing tips

Although we would all like it to be otherwise, dogs do get lost. To avoid this inconvenience have a veterinarian fit your dog with a microchip. You should also have images of your dog just in case he gets lost and you need to print flyers and ask strangers whether they might have seen him.

Remember to pack a first aid kit. A first aid kit is necessary in case the dog gets injured during the trip. Take a course beforehand on first aid for dogs if you need to feel more confident about handling your dog before he gets to a vet.

A car harness is essential every time your dog is in the car, but especially so if your dog is going to be in the car for a long time. This ensures your dog is secured in the event you need to brake unexpectedly thus protecting him from harm.

Another essential is an ID tag, which he should be wearing everyday for identification purposes. When you are away from home you can add an additional tag that shows, in addition to your home address, your cell phone number and your name.

Day trip packing tips

Pack a leash and use it as soon as the dog is out of the car. Have your dog on leash throughout the trip especially if there are other dogs in the spot you choose for your trip. Doing so will make it easy to restrain your dog if he tries to misbehave.

When you are out and about, your dog will want to explore and in the process he will get his paws dirty. To keep this dirt from your car, pack an old towel and wipe the dog’s paws before you allow him in the car.

Pack a lot more food than your dog normally consumes, as well as treats and toys to keep him busy during the ride. In the morning serve only a light meal and make up for it during lunch.

Carry poop bags to dispose of the dog’s waste. Remember to also pack a hand sanitizer to keep yourself safe from germs, and stash it away in your purse where your dog can’t reach it.

Day Trip Packing Tips

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