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Dangerous Animals and Insects: Keep Your Pets Safe

Dangerous Animals and Insects: Keep Your Pets Safe

Our pets love the outdoors. It is no surprise! It is the primal nature of all animals.

It is also important to keep our pets safe from harm while they venture. Even a quick stroll or trip out to the bathroom can end up being trouble.

There may also be little dangers lurking about that pet owners don’t even consider. Education about hazards benefits both them and you as an owner.

Insects to Watch For:

Insects are small, sometimes hard to spot, and quite an issue at times.


It may come as no surprise that these insects are ones to keep a close watch for. Even during a small visit to the outdoors, these pesky little creatures can quickly attach themselves to your pet.

Most of you have probably heard of Lyme Disease, as it seems to be the most commonly discussed. However, there are over 15 diseases carried by varies ticks which can affect humans and animals alike.

A disease passed to your pet from a tick can be life-threatening.

Wasps, Bees and Other Stinging Insects

Even if someone does not have a known allergy, getting stung is no walk in the park. It is the same for your pet.

While often more inconvenient than deadly, stings can cause significant swelling to the area. If it is on the face, it can cause issues with vision, airways, and eating. If an allergy is present, it can result in even larger issues like an emergency vet visit and regrettably death.

Cockroaches, Beetles, and Crickets

Cockroaches, beetles, and crickets can be a lot of fun for your pets to chase if they are spotted. It is best, however, to avoid letting your pet swallow them.

They are all known to carry internal parasites that can also infect your pet as well. This can cause them to become a host for worms and other nasty parasites.


Spiders can be dangerous to your pets on occasion. If your pet is bitten, irritation is likely.

However, some spiders in certain areas are downright deadly. One spider bite from a toxically venomous spider can lead down a not-so-pleasant path.

If your pet has suffered from what you suspect could be a spider bite, your best bet is to get them to the vet immediately, as all venomous bites are time-sensitive and very risky.

Animals to Watch For:


It is crucial to talk about the possibility of snake bites. Snake bites are one of the most common bites seen in pets.

While some snake bites may only cause generalized swelling and irritation, some are not so lucky.

All regions carry specific species of venomous snakes. Being educated on what types live in your areas as well as where they like to dwell can help keep your pet safe.

Any high grasses, log piles, and larger rocks in yards can be ideal hiding spots for snakes. If your animal is an adventurer and tries to sneak under houses, barns or other foundations, they can have a run-in with a snake here as well.

Raccoons, Foxes, and Skunks

While people may be concerned about a roof rat posing a danger to pets, you should be looking out for others a bit more.

Sure, skunks can create quite the stink. Literally.

But they can also carry diseases just as raccoons, foxes, and many other woodland animals. Rabies is one of the main diseases. Keeping your pets regularly vaccinated will protect them from this.

However, they also carry toxins in their feces, especially risky when your pets are small. They carry diseases such as roundworm, giardiasis, leptospirosis and more.

Keep Your Pets Protected

You want nothing more than to keep your pet safe. Being well-informed is always a great approach.

Getting your pets vetted regularly and kept up to date with vaccines can guard against many issues. But sometimes, they have chance encounters with other critters that you could never foresee.

Being prepared and resilient by having an emergency plan implemented is essential. Taking safety precautions is even better!

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