Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys

Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Cute and Heartwarming Stories about Dogs

With all the depressing and dark events that one listens to in the news, a good story is exactly what most of us need to warm up our hearts. Well, we don’t have a story for you today; we have four! All of them are starring man’s best friend, which makes them even more awesome! But beware, you might want to buy the best Dog Chew Toys for your doggo once you are done reading these stories!

Bucket List Buddies

When the owner found out that his New Yorker dog Poh had cancer, he decided not to wait around for the disease come knocking. Packing up his Chew Toys and bundling his 15-year-old canine companion, he left for a cross country road trip. It had been on the owner’s bucket list for a long time, but it was time to turn it into reality. They visited the Seattle Space Needle and went to look at the Golden Gate Bridge too.

Finders Keepers

Jamie, a mother of two, wasn’t having an easy time of it. One of her sons is just 10 while the other, Christian, is in his twenties. Christian is dealing with various ailments, as well as, Down syndrome! One morning, Jamie’s neighbor knocked on her door. She wanted to know if Jamie could watch a lost terrier who had been roaming around listlessly. Jamie took in the dog even when she was still dealing with the complications of her son’s recent heart and kidney surgeries. When finally Randy found out about his dog and came to claim him, Jamie’s neighbor told him how his dog had been healing her household. Randy decided there must be a reason the dog found his way to Jamie and refused to separate them!

Suicide Watch

This is the story of dog whose suicidal owner had ended up falling asleep on the tracks while under the influence of alcohol. The incident took place in Karaganda, Kazakhstan – proving that all dogs are just big softies, regardless of where they are from! Knowing that his master was in danger, the dog did his best efforts to push him off the track. Nothing seemed to be working, but the canine hero didn’t give up. Doing his best, the dog managed to pull his master off the tracks. However, they were still on the tracks when the next train showed up. While the timing could have gone completely and awfully wrong for them, it didn’t! Just in time, the train driver spotted the dog and applied the emergency break.

Can you think of any other creatures on this planet that are as selfless as dogs? These are just three of the stories of the amazing feats that dogs perform and continue to perform. If someone needed to understand the definition of pure love, they could learn a thing or two from these canines! Don’t you think they deserve the best Indestructible Dog Toys money can buy? We do too!

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