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Constipation in Dogs – Treatment and Management

If you suspect your dog is constipated, it is wise to take his temperature. Use a water-based lubricant to make the experience less painful for your dog, and insert the thermometer in his anus. If there is blockage or blood on the thermometer, or if the temperatures are extremely high, you should take the dog to the vet immediately.

Most vets administer fluid under the skin to help with the constipation. If it’s a severe case, the vet administers IV fluids.

If the cause of constipation is an enlarged prostate, neutering could be the solution. This is because once an enlarged prostate is removed, the passageways are open and the problem is solved. In case kidney disease is the cause, the doctor will recommend a diet that’s low in sodium, phosphorous and a minimum of proteins in addition to medication.

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If the constipation is due to a hernia, the dog will need surgery to correct the problem. Other medical causes such as hyperthyroidism, infected anal glands, tumors or a hip or pelvic injury that makes it hard for the dog to defecate must be treated properly by the vet to eliminate constipation.

For dogs whose intestinal activity has become slow due to aging, feed them a diet high in fiber to ease. In extreme cases, you can add mineral oil to the dog’s food at the rate of 5milliliters per 11 pounds as this oil has been known to ease constipation.

You can also use stool softeners, especially if you have already had a diagnosis, and the dog is okay except for slow intestinal activity.

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In most cases, constipation in dogs occurs as a result of poor water intake, just like in humans. If the dog does not take enough water, the stools won’t move smoothly through the system, and your pet will have problems defecating. It is good practice to give your pet water as often as he needs it.

Personally, I make sure there is a bowl of clean water somewhere the dogs in my house can easily access whenever they need it, especially on hot days. Giving them enough water saves you the headache of trying to guess whether they are dehydrated or whether it is a serious medical issue, so you know to go straight to the vet when your dog is constipated because you have already taken dehydration out of the equation.

Constipation in Dogs- Treatment and Management

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