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Considerations When Choosing a Boarding Kennel for Your Dog

Let’s say you have a long trip coming up, maybe a business trip or a vacation, and for some reason you can’t take your dog with you. This situation leaves you with an option to either find a sitter for your dog, or find a reputable boarding kennel. The benefits of a boarding kennel are that the staff there is usually experienced in handling your dog, and your pet will not be lonely as there likely are other dogs in the facility. There are a few things you need to consider while choosing a boarding kennel for your dog.

The first thing is the cleanliness of the whole establishment. The place should look and smell clean. An establishment that cares about making a good first impression to its human clients is likely to take care of its canine clients.

Considerations when choosing a boarding kennel

Ask about the training and experience of the staff at the kennel. If you can’t ask directly, check out their website for this information. The more experienced the staff members, the more likely they are to take good care of your dog. Also observe if they pay attention to your pet and the questions they ask about your dog. If they don’t show concern for your pet in your presence, think what will happen in your absence.

The individual kennels the dogs sleep in should be spacious and have beddings for your dog’s comfort. They should also be clean, and if there are outdoor runs they should be protected from weather elements. In addition, the kennels should have areas for the dog to exercise. If not, there should be a schedule for some exercise for your pet either as walks or in an open area.

Enquire about the kind of food the facility provides for the dogs, as well as how often the dogs are fed. If your pet has a special diet, ask if it’s okay to bring your pet’s special food. Also, if your dog needs more or less frequent feeding than provided in the kennel, let the staff know.

Considerations when choosing a boarding kennel _photo2

A good boarding kennel must have a vet they can reach as needed because although your dog might not have any health issues, accidents happen and dogs can fall ill unexpectedly. The facility should have a vet who can handle these emergencies as soon as possible.

The staff must make sure all the dogs’ vaccinations are up to date, and that no dogs are admitted with contagious diseases. Sick dogs should be treated before admission to protect all the other dogs under the kennel’s care. If the staff does not ask about your dog’s medical and behavioral history, that is an instant red flag that shows they are not fully committed to their work.

Considerations When Choosing a Boarding Kennel for Your Dog

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