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Common Mistakes When Feeding Raw Food to Pets

Common Mistakes When Feeding Raw Food to Pets

It is quite common to make mistakes when you’re introducing raw food diet to your dog. Here are a few mentioned:

1. Incomplete research

It is recommended to do a thorough research before introducing a new raw food diet for your dog. Take your time to read up on different kinds of diets and what types of food should be added to make sure that your dog is getting a balanced diet. Incomplete research ends up in feeding wrong kinds of food to your dog which may alter their bowel habits and even make them sick.

2. Feeding enhanced meat

Many stores sell meat that has additional sodium content in it. Sodium is essential for your dog but if given in excessive amounts, it may cause dehydration, diarrhea or sodium ion poisoning. Commonly enhanced meat include chicken, turkey, duck and pork.

3. Not feeding bones

This is a common misconception. Many people think that bones may splinter causing internal injuries and may not have any nutritional value. This is quite inaccurate as meaty bones are a healthy source of nutrition for your dog. They are safe for consumption and are rich in calcium and phosphorus for the maintenance of their skeleton.

Cooked, smoked and dehydrated bones maybe dangerous for your dog as they might break and splinter. So avoid feeding dry bones to your dog.

4. Feeding too much bone

Feeding excessive bone is also not a healthy idea and may cause constipation, passage of undigested bone in stool and vomit. If you recently introduced raw food diet to your dog, it is okay to let them enjoy some extra bones but it is pertinent to decrease bone content over time.

5. Introducing new foods too quickly

It is important to see what kind of food your dog tolerates best in order to avoid diarrhea or constipation. So it is better to introduce different kinds of food slowly rather than feeding them everything all at once. Some dogs are better at tolerating fats where as other are sensitive to proteins. Feed your dog few ounces to see how they do and then gradually increase the food content and amount.

6. Several pet parents believe that raw diet is not balanced and in turn they end up feeding excessive supplements to their dog. Over supplementation can be just as harmful as providing no nutrition at all. It can cause several GI problems plus excessive vitamins in your dog’s body can cause several other problems.

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