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How To Come Up With A Dog Name, Even If You’re Not Creative

How To Come Up With A Dog Name, Even If You're Not Creative

So you got a pet dog, and you love it. Now you must think of a name for it. You want to think of a name that would suit your dog perfectly. And since this dog means so much to you, you should be able to come up with a whole list of names, right? But oops, turns out you’re not really the creative type, and cannot even think of a single name! You need help, and you need it fast so that you can start calling your dog to you.

Don’t panic! There are tons of ways for you to figure out the name of your dog, without having to think too much.

Use Old People’s Names

Names that were popular one or two decades ago sound unique, sweet and interesting, as they remind us of certain old people such as our grandparents, our primary school teachers, or perhaps old aunties we were close to when we were kids. Many a times, old names are even renewed and become popular again, as people start naming their babies after the old people whom they feel nostalgic about. The same can be applied for naming your dog, so that your dog would always remind you of an old person you were or still are attached to. It would also be very flattering for the person you are naming after as well, that is, if they are still alive.

Recall Your Childhood

The quickest way for anyone to get creative, especially when it’s about thinking of names or topics, is to recall your childhood. Childhood is full of colourful memories and creativity. Even professional essay writers from various paper writing services recall their childhood and use phrases that they made up with their innocent minds in the past when they are producing a creative piece of content. Remember when you used to call your friends with weird nicknames? Since the mind is free of tensions and worries in childhood, kids can come up with more creative names that we as adults wouldn’t even have thought of. Some of those names might not even have any meaning but would just sound good to say. You can name your dog in the same way. Just think of any word or name that you used to connote a charming meaning in your head every time you said it. If you feel your dog is charming, you can name it that. There’s no hard and fast rule that your dog’s name must have some literary meaning as well. If it has a meaning in your heart, it would do.

Copy from the Famous

As Philip Steward often mentions in many of his Essayhave papers, “There is nothing new under the sun!” This phrase applies to every subject and aspect in life and has a deeper meaning than it’s revealing at the surface. Even the most creative people in the world start their thinking or brainstorming process by reading or learning something on the topic from somewhere. People may name their children after their favorite celebrities. You can do the same for your dog. Let’s say there’s a dog in Hollywood that you admire. You can name your dog the same. Maybe your dog would also grow up to become a celebrity if you name it after a Hollywood star!

Name After Your Favorite Place

Places can sometimes have very interesting names, which are easy to pronounce and sound good to hear. If you have a favorite street from the past, or perhaps a memorable tourism spot where you met someone special few years ago, you can name your dog after that to associate the dog with the experience you had at that place. Sometimes, you may not have any memory associated with a place, but when you hear the place name, you simply like it as it is, and want to use it somewhere. Thus again, you can use it as your dog’s name. This is like a shortcut to be creative without having to crack your head to come up with a completely new word.

Name After Your Favorite Flower

If your dog is a female, a good way to name her would be after a flower. Flower names are usually full of syllables which make them sound exclusive. Since flowers are known for their beauty, naming your dog after a flower would connote that your dog is beautiful. Some flower names that could be used as dog names are as follows.

  • Carnation
  • Orchid
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Lupines
  • Anemone

Name After Your Favorite Food

If you are a foodie, you would probably know many fancy names of all the delicious cuisines from different cultures. How about using your most favorite food dish or food name as your dog name? Does that make your mouth water? If yes, that’s exactly the point. Thinking of your favorite food dish to name your dog is not only easy, but also mouth-watering, and shows how beloved your pet is to you. Further, it is even fun calling out your favorite food name again and again. You can just enjoy calling your dog to you again and again for getting the feel of your favorite food in the mouth. Imagine saying ‘Pizza’, ‘Pizza’ the whole day!

Search for Baby Names

Looking for interesting and popular baby names is not just for those who are expecting to have a baby. Baby names can be used to name anything that’s cute and dear to you. So, if you want a quick way to think of a name for your dog, just Google search for good and meaningful baby names. Then see which one would suit on the appearance and style of your dog. It could also be that last time you had a baby, you prepared a long list of baby names to choose from, then selected one to name your baby once the baby was born. Maybe now is the time when you can go through the list again and use one of the other shortlisted names you have on it. There are tons of baby names, or even nicknames, that can suit a dog. After all, our pets are also like our babies!

Look into Your Dog’s Personality

The best way to name a pet is to give it a name that suits its personality or habits. You can even go to the extreme of using the ‘Smurfs’ style, whereby you name your pet with the exact word or habit that identifies it. For instance, if you have a puppy that has a lot of fur, you can call it ‘Fluffy’; or if your dog sneezes a lot, call it ‘Sneezy’. Alternatively, you can use a word that describes how you want your dog to be, rather than how the dog currently is. This concept is often referred to as “reverse psychology”, which, as explained in academics by college essay writing service, is a technique to reinforce a behaviour or belief by assuming or showing that it already exists. If you have a dog that looks sad, but you want it to be happy, you can name it ‘Happy’ or ‘Entertainment’. Just like in humans, the name of the dog would eventually have an impact on its personality.

That’s how simple it is. By using the above tips, you would be naming your dog in a much more enjoyable way than cracking your head to come up with something purely original and all on your own.

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