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Making Sure Pets are Not Just for Christmas

Is a Christmas Pet a Good Idea?

3.9 million dogs are taken to the animal shelter every year and 20% of those dogs are given up because their families say they don’t have enough time for a pet or can’t handle the responsibilities that come up. While it might seem like a super cute idea to put a bow on a puppy and gift it to a loved one, a new pet is a big responsibility and one that will hit you like a ton of gingerbread cookies if you’re not prepared beforehand. Before you bring a new pet home for the holidays, you’ll want to consider a few of the pros and cons.

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Gifting a Christmas Pet

Quickly after the excitement of Christmas morning fades away, the reality of being a new pet parent sets in. Whether you’re looking to adopt a new puppy, kitten or another type of pet, you’ll want to first factor in the costs of care. Aside from food and standard bedding, you’ll want to budget for toys, veterinary costs, boarding and any unforeseen costs such as obedience classes or the occasional damage you’ll have to repair. Before considering giving a pet as a Christmas gift, ask yourself if the recipient is dedicated to providing 10-15 years of quality care, if anybody in the household is allergic to pet dander, if they have the financial resources to properly care for the new pet and finally, if they actually want the pet.

Make the New Furry Friend Feel Special

If your answer to all of the questions above was a yes and you’ve decided to gift someone a new pet for Christmas, then you’ll want to make sure they feel welcomed to a calm, loving environment. Pets love to be a part of family festivities no matter what the holiday is. If you’re thinking about making sure your pet’s Christmas is extra special, you can check out things such as bark box reviews and other special monthly treats that arrive to surprise your furry friend. While they probably don’t understand the gesture of gift-giving, they’ll likely appreciate the toys and treats inside and will feel even more a part of your family during the holidays. Ensuring the new pet has treats, toys and lots of love, especially in a new home with a lot of new people and visitors, is a great way to make them slowly adjust to their new family.

Pets Should Always Be Planned

Getting or giving somebody a pet should always be a planned event. Giving someone a pet for Christmas can be a beautiful, touching surprise that will make for a favorite family holiday memory for many years to come, but shouldn’t come at the expense of the pet’s needs and safety. Ensure that the plan is well thought out and thoroughly planned and then enjoy the excitement of welcoming a new addition to your family. Maybe next year you can ask Santa for those obedience classes.

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