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Choosing the Best Senior Dog Food

Choosing the Best Senior Dog Food

As the age of your dog increases, you will ensure that their health is kept at an optimal level, for which you have you to choose the best foods to give your dog. But in today’s diverse market where thousands of products are available, it often proves to be difficult to choose the right food. The following is a collection of certain things you should consider and some ingredients that are best to keep your dog’s health at an optimal level.

1. Proteins and Calories: Should the dog be provided more or less of this?

When you are looking for the suitable dog food for your aged dog, do not simply consider the age of your pet. See how much energy draining activities your dog does so you can calculate how many calories and proteins they burn because as dogs age, there is a high chance they become lazy and have a reduced activity schedule.

Often, senior dog foods are low on calories and proteins, catering to the reduced activity schedule of the dog. However, some of the dogs may have developed problems in metabolizing food with their increasing age, which could result in them growing skinny. In case this is your dog, you need to feed him/her with foods that are high in calories and easily digestible proteins, instead of the food that have a lesser amount. In the case that you choose a food that is low in calories, ensure that it still includes a considerable amount of protein.

2. Other Ingredients (that make it ideal for senior dog food)

Beyond the number of proteins and calories, there are several senior dog foods that contain additional ingredients that can prove to be of highly beneficial to your pet. The following is a list of the safest foods available today:

a. Chondroitin and Glucosamine

These are supplements that help the cartilage in joints, thus allowing them to move around with less pain.

b. Antioxidants

Antioxidants act like a support for the immune system which can majorly benefit senior dogs.

c. Lower levels of Sodium and Phosphorus

A lower level of phosphorus can assist the body maintain a healthy kidney function while decreasing the levels of sodium, which aids in maintaining normal blood pressure.

d. Fatty Acids Omega-3

This is found in fish oil and certain nut and plant oils. It can decrease inflammation while helping in maintaining good kidney health.

e. Extra Fiber

Senior dogs might have a problem with constipation, in which case some extra fiber proves to be of help. Additional fiber can be added to the food by giving your dog canned pumpkin. Although, make sure that the amount of fiber does not get excessive as that can also result in constipation related or other problems.

When you are choosing the best food for your dog, it is important to consider their specific needs and know that it may change over time. The right amount of food can have a major impact on the health of your dog so do the required research and consult your vet so you can find the right diet for your aging friend.

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