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Choosing a Groomer for Your Dog

Everyone agrees that a clean dog is cuddly and looks nice. It’s the process of cleaning, shaving according to breed, and clipping that can be tiresome. This is the point where groomers come in to save the day. Maybe you just want your furry friend to look neat, or maybe you have important visitors coming over and you want your dog to look presentable. If you have a groomer who does your dog’s fur, lucky you. But if you are new to this whole groomer thing, there are a number of things you need to consider before letting a groomer handle your pet.

Assuming you take the pet to a salon, ensure it’s a clean place. A groomer who cares about his business’ image is likely to handle your dog with gentle care.

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Next enquire about the groomer’s training. How did he acquire his skills? Did he learn trough apprenticeship with a master groomer or did he train for a few months in an institution? It is also wise to ask about his experience level. A groomer who has handled dogs for a number of years has likely seen all manner of dog temperaments and knows how to handle different dogs in different situations. If you are comparing two groomers and one is more experienced than the other, it’s wise to choose the one with more experience.

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Pay attention to the kind of questions the groomer asks you. A groomer who is interested in knowing whether this is your dog’s first grooming session, whether the dog is aggressive, and whether there are certain noises that irritate the dog is concerned in making the experience fun for your pet. He also wants to be prepared to handle your dog in a manner that is most comfortable for both parties. However, a groomer who asks no questions shows a lack of professionalism and lack of concern for the dog’s well-being, so it’s best to take your business elsewhere.

Assuming the groomer has questions for you; listen carefully to how he plans on handling your pet. If for example you tell him your dog doesn’t like sudden noises, he should tell you how he plans to get your dog used to the blow-dryer’s noise. If you tell him the dog hates to have the paws touched, the groomer should have a response that makes you comfortable enough to leave your dog with him.

When it comes to choosing a groomer always trust your gut instincts. If based on your conversation you feel your dog won’t be handled with care in a certain salon, it’s better to keep looking than to ignore your instincts and regret later.

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