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How to Choose the Right Leash and Collar for your Dog

When you think about owning a dog, one of the first things that come to mind is taking the dog for a walk. Taking a dog for a walk is one of the most basic things a dog owner has to do to keep the dog in great shape, and walking needs a leash and a collar. There are many leashes and collars in the market to choose from. So how do you go about choosing?

If your dog is easy and responds well to commands, then a simple leash and collar is all you need. On the other hand, if your dog is not used to going for walks or likes to misbehave, invest in a slip collar. This type of collar allows you to correct the dog’s behaviour if he decides to misbehave. Just give the collar a slight and gentle side nudge. If you are not sure how to do this ask for advice from a professional to avoid hurting the dog.

Sometimes you may feel inclined to take your dog along for sports such as cycling, where the dog will be doing the pulling. In such a case, attach a harness to the collar to avoid hurting the dog around the neck. The harness allows even distribution of pressure around the neck and shoulders. Attaching a harness to the dog’s collar is also ideal for short-faced dogs such as bulldogs to avoid breathing problems. It also comes in handy when you own a dog with a long snout to avoid the collar coming loose.

If you are going to walk your dog at night, it is wise to invest in an illuminated collar and leash for safety. These usually have LED light and reflective material that makes it easy for motorists to spot you and your dog.

Use a retractable leash when training small dogs. This type of leash is 25 to 60 feet and allows you to maintain control of the dog when doing recall training exercises or playing games such as fetch. The dog can roam around a larger radius than with normal leashes but still be under your hold. This type of leash is not ideal for large dogs or stubborn dogs as they can easily break the mechanism inside and therefore break loose and get lost.

As for materials you can use leather leashes which are strong and ideal for large dogs and for training because they are strong and don’t break easily. Just keep them away from puppies to avoid chewing. Other materials include cotton web and nylon web, which are both light and not ideal for large dog breeds but are fine for smaller breeds. Climbing rope is strong and ideal for all breeds because it does not break easily.

When you own more than one dog, you can use a coupler to make any regular leash to make it into two leashes, allowing you to use only one leash instead of two.

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