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Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


How to Choose Chew Toys for Your Pup

There are few things more adorable than a new puppy. And few things are more fun than playing with your furry new friend! Here’s a quick guide to choosing the right toys for your new canine companion.

Chewing Is Natural

While dogs of all ages love to chew, it is especially important for puppies. Chewing helps a puppy lose his baby teeth more easily and keeps him from becoming bored. Not providing adequate chew toys can result in your dog chewing on things he shouldn’t. Shoes, furniture, toys, the TV remote, and even his dog bed are all favorites. Many things are dangerous for a dog to chew and can result in a visit to the vet.

Picking the Right Toy

Picking the right toy means a happy dog and a confident pet parent. First, make sure the toy is correctly sized for your breed of dog. It is frustrating for a puppy if his toy is too big to chew or play with. A toy that is too small presents a choking hazard for a larger breed. Make sure toys are too big to swallow and will not break into pieces when chewed. Discard damaged toys.

There are special toys meant just for chewing. Made of rubber or nylon, these toys can take hours of chewing without breaking into dangerous small pieces. Some, like the Flavorit nylon bone dog chew toy, come in a variety of appealing flavors.

Different Types of Toys

For puppies that still have their baby teeth, soft rubber and plush toys are best. Once your pup has lost his baby teeth, he will really need to chew. Dogs teethe from three to nine months, so now is a good time to introduce nylon bone dog chew toys. These are durable and long-lasting, giving your pet hours of satisfying chewing.

Rope toys also provide plenty of fun for chewing and playing games. You puppy is big enough now for ball toys, which are perfect for teaching “fetch” and “drop,” as well as playing a game of catch. Dogs also love plush toys, which they will chew, toss, and even snuggle up with. Balls and plush toys are easily destroyed by teething, so make sure your pup has plenty of toys made specifically for chewing. Nylon dog teething aid toys come in a variety of sizes, and are a safe, fun way to give your puppy plenty of happy, healthy chewing time.

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