Celebrate your Pup on National Best Friend’s Day

I’m about to hit an age where most people feel the need to take stock on what they have achieved so far in their life, and I’m no exception. I decided to dig around the internet to see how others felt when they hit that age. On one board, a guy narrated how his life had been smooth after college but just when he thought he had settled into a comfortable life, he lost his job and his wife wanted a divorce and left.

Celebrate your dog on National Best Friend2

Since he was furthering his studies, his dog was the only one who stayed up late as he studied for his research project. The dog would also cuddle up with him in bed and keep him warm on cold winter nights. Because of his dog, he didn’t feel so alone and abandoned even in the face of all his problems.

Celebrate your dog on National Best Friend

June 8th is National best friend’s day, and just like the guy above, most people find that they have a best friend who is not necessarily a human friend. It’s probably why dogs are called man’s best friend because they stay loyal even when everyone else seems to think you are not worth being around.

If your dog is the friend who you turn to when you just want to be listened to without judgement, the one you want to run home to everyday after work, this day is for both of you.

Spend time with him just to show him how much you appreciate him, and buy him that toy you have been postponing to purchase for years. Take him for a thorough grooming as a special treat, and give him a few extra treats just for today, just to show him how much he means to you. If he likes it, dress him up in his special occasion costumes or buy him a new one.

After all, where would we all be without our best friends, even furry ones?

Celebrate your Pup on National Best Friend’s Day

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