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How CBD Oil Helps Dog Anxiety?

How CBD Oil Helps Dog Anxiety?

Dogs have always been one of the man’s most loyal companions. From being guard dogs to simply being our furry little buddy, dogs are still there to help us destress. But what if our dog is the one suffering from anxiety? What can we do to help our four-legged best friend relax?

One of the more popular methods when it comes to treating anxiety in dogs nowadays is with the use of CBD oil. In particular, CBD-based dog treats. What is CBD, and how does it help alleviate your dog’s anxiety? What is the best CBD dog treats in the market today? Here are some ways that CBD oil helps alleviate dog anxiety.

The benefits of CBD oil for dogs

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis plants. Specifically, CBD is derived from the hemp plant rather than marijuana. This is due to hemp plants containing significantly less THC (the compound that delivers that “high” sensation) at only 0.3% compared to marijuana that contains at least 30% THC. This makes CBD-based products quite safe for use with both humans and pets.

The benefits of CBD all revolve around its positive effects on the endocannabinoid system. All vertebras have this system, and it regulates the mood, the immune system, and even help alleviate inflammation in the body.

Dogs are quite susceptible to joint problems as well as anxiety. A wide variety of reasons can cause stress in dogs. From being left alone, new environments, loud noises, and chronic pain. Of course, the first step here is to determine what triggers your dog’s anxiety and make the necessary changes.

For those who prefer to give their dogs something that is not pure CBD oil, a good alternative is CBD-based dog treats. As the name implies, these are your traditional dog treats that are infused with CBD compound to deliver the same results but designed for fussy dogs.

Tips on choosing CBD Treats for your dog

My dog can be quite finicky when it comes to food. This is true for most dogs as well. Whenever you are introducing a new food into their diet, there is always the risk of them ignoring their fresh meal. To help you avoid this issue, here are several tips on how to pick the correct type of CBD oil or treat for your canine friend.

100% organic

When it comes to picking CBD dog treats, always choose those that are made from 100% organic hemp plants. This helps ensure that the dog treats are free from any toxins and reduces the risk of side effects as well.

Minimum THC content

Always choose a CBD-based pet product that contains less than 0.3% THC. THC is not only the compound that delivers that “high” feeling, but it can also be dangerous for pets when given in larger doses. As a rule of thumb, when buying CBD treats and supplements, always make sure that THC levels are below the minimum of 0.3%.

Use a proper extraction process

This will require a bit more research, but it will allow you better peace of mind when it comes to your dog’s health. The proper CBD processing method incorporates the use of carbon dioxide and cold press extraction. This ensures that the hemp plant will be processed naturally without the risk of toxins seeping into the finished product.

Contain the correct certification

Check the products to see if it has an official certificate of analysis on its label. This guarantees that the manufacturer has taken all necessary steps to ensure that their product is safe for pets/consumers.

These are pretty much the crucial factors to look for in a CBD oil food product. As long as you follow the guideline above, you are guaranteed to land on the safest CBD dog treats available.

That being said, let us take it a step further with a shortlist of the best-selling CBD dog treats in the market today.

The Best CBD Dog Treats in the Market Today

The list below is compiled using the guideline above as well as the overall positive feedback of customers online. Check out our list of the best CBD dog treats for anxiety below:

HempMyPet CBD infused organic dog biscuits

The company is not only a manufacturer of pet products, but they are also quite active in animal rescue and advocacies in this topic. The Organic Dog Biscuits use around 5mg of CBD oil infused into its ingredients.

The ingredients contain pumpkin, apples, eggs, mint, parsley, chickpea flour, and coconut oil. This is a safe, flavorful, and healthy CBD dog treat that is 100% organically processed to provide optimum health benefits for your loyal canine companion.

MediPets CBD treats

MediPets produce high-quality dog and cat treats at quite an affordable price tag. They offer CBD treats in both yum and bacon flavor, ensuring that your dog will enjoy a rich flavor with every piece. MediPets also offer two variations in terms of CBD strength, 3mg, and 5.5mg. This should help provide an adequate amount of CBD content for both small and larger breeds.

King Kanine King Kalm crunch blueberry calming cookies

King Kanine Calming Cookie uses carbon dioxide extraction when it comes to processing hemp plants. This guarantees that your pets will be consuming safe and healthy, 100% organic CBD treats.

Not only is the Calming Cookie 100% natural, but it is also infused with vitamins and nutrients from an in-house recipe developed by a holistic physician. This is one of the tastiest treats to help alleviate your pet’s anxiety.


CBD dog treats are the perfect solution for fussy canines who do not enjoy the taste of CBD oil. Not only are these nutrient-packed treats healthy, but they are also quite delicious. CBD treats will also help alleviate anxiety and assist in treating chronic joint pains in dogs.
Before giving your dogs, these treats, we always advise pet owners to first consult with their veterinarian. While CBD treats are generally safe, it is not exempted from side effects. Please, don’t risk your dog’s health and always talk to an expert before giving them any supplement or medication.

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