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CBD Oil For Dogs: What To Know Before Giving It

CBD Oil For Dogs: What To Know Before Giving It

As parents of our furry and fluffy babies, we only want the best for them. Also, as their parents, we’re already used to encountering people with a surprised look on their faces whenever they find out that we’re feeding them grass-fed lamb and free-range chicken for dinner.

We know exactly what our pooches deserve and we don’t mind giving it to them at all. Just like the human-grade pet food we’re incessantly purchasing for them, when it comes to their supplementary needs, going the natural route is still the wisest option.

As with many essential oils that you’re most likely already rubbing on their paws and temples, CBD oil can also be used as an addition to you and your pup’s aromatherapy arsenal.

But, before you start purchasing the next best natural oil for “fido,” make sure that you know enough about CBD.

Here are a few of them:

What Exactly is CBD?

CBD (also known as cannabidiol) works on dogs the same way it does on humans. It binds to the person or animal’s endocannabinoid system.

CBD is a compound found in cannabis and other hemp plants. Unlike THC, CBD will not intoxicate you or your pet. As terrifying or exciting as it may be, your pup won’t be getting high from CBD at all. Because of this, you can expect your treat jar to remain untouched.

Once a cannabis or hemp plant matures, CBD can be extracted directly from the plant. And, as soon as the harvester acquires enough of its concentrate, it’s then packed and sold in small quantities and labeled as CBD oil.

CBD oil is in demand due to its countless health benefits, not just to humans, but to animals as well. Depending on your dog’s condition, situation, and your veterinarian’s recommendation, you can purchase pure CBD oil or you can buy one that’s mixed with other components. However, do make sure that the CBD oil that you’re buying is made specifically for pets.

You also want to make sure that it contains only CBD and none of the THC compound – we’re talking about CBD oil with less than 0.3% THC as we cannot risk fido’s wellbeing by exposing them to potentially dangerous and unwanted ingredients.

How Can CBD Benefit My Pooch?

Before you withhold your pup from enjoying the amazing effects of CBD, know that CBD is legal in almost all states in the US. Even though it contains mainly CBD concentrate and is a natural ingredient, buying just about any CBD oil available in the market and giving it to your pet may lead to potentially perilous complications.

One of the reasons why a strong disclaimer is imposed is because further research on CBD and pets is still needed.

Here are some problems that CBD oil can address:


Witnessing a dog having a seizure is a terrifying experience. Although anti-seizure medications, like Diazepam, are available to prevent your dog from having it, it comes with a wide range of side effects that are detrimental even to humans. As a result, pet-owners are looking for more natural alternatives, like CBD.

While it’s not completely clear as to how CBD works to prevent seizures, a study has been made on humans and the results are outstanding—CBD can reduce the frequency of seizures for up to about 45%.

Joint Problems

Joint problems, like arthritis or hip dysplasia, are one of the worst things you can see your pet going through. CBD oil can help alleviate your dog’s pains by reducing the inflammation of the joints.

Pet owners sometimes mix CBD oil with other natural oils with anti-inflammatory properties, like coconut oil.

Poor Appetite

Let’s face it, dogs will be dogs. Chowing down anything they set their eyes on is innate to them. Unfortunately, not all dogs get to enjoy what they love doing the most—eating.

CBD oil can greatly boost fido’s appetite. It’s said that CBD oil influences the body’s endocannabinoid system that’s also responsible for the body’s feeding behavior. If your pooch’s appetite is caused by nausea, you can also give them CBD oil to reduce the symptoms of it.

According to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, CBD oil targets certain receptors to the body and activates its natural nausea suppressant.

Where Can I Find CBD Oil for My Pets?

Because of the growing demand for CBD, they can now be found almost anywhere. However, a pet-owner must be very careful about the CBD oils that they buy, particularly the ingredients that they add to it.

To purchase CBD oils made specifically for pet use, you may click to HolistaPet to know more about the components that should and shouldn’t be administered on an animal. Every CBD oil is made differently. Some work very well, while some don’t. CBD oil is also made for various purposes.

To find the best CBD oil for your pup, take time to research. Browse through the internet incessantly, read reviews and feedback, and ask your veterinarian. Generally, the more pure and natural the ingredients of your CBD oil is, the better.

Don’t forget to take note of the THC’s percentage, as again, it’s the compound in cannabis that has psychoactive stimulus. Also, if you can, try to ask the distributors where they source their ingredients and how they process it. It helps you know and understand what you’re going to be giving to your pooch.


Every animal deserves the most comfortable life that they can possibly have. But, just like humans, dogs are not immune to pain and diseases.

Veterinary medicine may have a long way to go before it matches or transcends human medicine, but the drastic steps that are being taken by modern science and its researchers pave the way for a more hopeful and comfortable life for our pets. CBD, for instance, is a compound that was once only advisable to be used by humans, but science now makes it possible to help our animals feel better by using only the best ingredients that nature can offer.

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