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Cats or Dogs? Choosing the Right Pet to Live within a Small Apartment

Cat laying with a puppy

Nowadays, a large part of the world’s population owns home pets… While most prefer puppies, because they are docile and extremely loyal, others say that cats calm them down. Whether you’re happy, angry, or tired, it matters less to them. In terms of leaving pets home alone, dogs are different, as they will wait for you on the porch every day. All they need is food, a little attention, and affection. Cats, on the other hand, are more like getting 15 free no deposit to try in a Casino – you never know how it will play out! So, who should win our home pets debate, dogs, or cats? If we were to look at the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey, we would say that dogs have a certain advantage.

Cats vs. Dogs – That is the Question!

At the end of 2019, the study was published in the UK, taking under scrutiny the personality, intelligence and usefulness of home pets and the results kind of pointed out the superiority of dogs over cats.

People holding dog and dog

Cats appear to be the best pets to have at home, as they have a larger brain in proportion to their body size, and it contains several cells designed to perform complex functions. The memory and attention span of a cat is much higher than that of a dog. Cats see better in the dark or dim light, having a much sharper sense of hearing and smell than canines. And then there’s also the matter of home health care for pets, another chapter where cats seem to be in the lead.

Selfish but Loving

If you leave these pets home alone, there are slighter chances of finding the place turned upside down when you return. Despite being a little bit selfish, cats are as loving as dogs. But they show their love in a different way.

With no wagering, cats are better to keep indoors. They are smaller than big dogs and make less noise. There is also no need to walk cats twice during the day, they can do all their things at home.

Cat yawning

Dogs Show Character

And now for the generally considered the best pets for home. Most parents know that a dog is one of the best home pets that they could get for their kid, not only because they will love and protect the child at all costs, but also because it will make him more responsible. Is home defense safe for pets? While most alarm systems will trigger an excruciating sound, that might seem too strong for pets home alone; there is no conclusive evidence that this can actually hurt or damage the internal year of a dog or a cat. Despite having a lot of differences from cats, small dogs are also suitable for a small apartment.

Dogs laying together


So, what are the best pets for home then? Apparently, dogs carry just as many germs as a cat. Those who have a dog at home say that the barking is something you get used to easily and that dogs are a lot more docile and loving than cats. Those who have chosen cats as home pets will argue that they are a lot less noisy than a dog; they make a lot less mess around the house and that they show more wits and personality.

Knowing that all pets are awesome, we propose an exercise of imagination for our readers. If you were to add another pet to your house, what would it be? A cat or a dog? Don’t hesitate to use the comments section to share your opinion.

Author’s Bio

Alex is an aspiring veterinarian, only one year away from his college degree, and a passionate animal rights activist. He never misses a chance to provide us with great pieces on animal behavior and intricacies, and he is also the proud pet owner of no less than three stray cats and a wonderful Husky.

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