We love our puppies and they love us. They’re our pillar of support during the worst days and show us unconditional love. They bring happiness in their soft, furry form and have powers that can brighten up any dull day in an instant. Although all doggies are full of love and are brimming with affection, there are a few breeds that make sure you’re always spoiled with cuddles, kisses, and endless snuggles.

10 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

While some dogs are great for families who have children, there are others that are very loyal. Then, there are those that are the most affectionate breeds and are kind to families and kids alike. If you’re looking for a new member for your family who is filled with love and affection, here are a few breeds that are known for their loving, affectionate attitude.

When we watch movies like Marley And Me and Hachiko, we wish to have dogs just like them. Loving, loyal, and devoted to their human. However, these dog breeds listed below leave no stone unturned to make their favorite humans happy.

Golden Retriever

Of course the golden pooch bubbling with energy is on top of this list! The people’s favorite, Golden Retriever has been one of the most popular dogs for years. It’s not hard to believe how this energetic golden pup makes an excellent pup. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re also very gentle to their loved ones. They provide you with emotional support and you can talk to them for hours without them judging you. They’re also one of the smartest dogs. They’ll steal your heart with their charm in no time.

10 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

Labrador Retriever

Just like Golden Retrievers, Labs tend to make great family dogs. They go above and beyond for their humans and their love and devotion cannot be questioned. They’re athletic and make the best work-out companions. They will accompany you on a run, hike, or even take a dip with you. They love being helpful and thus they often make good guide dogs. They are very intelligent and can learn how to not play rough. This is especially useful for families with children. They’re not picky eaters. These dogs are affectionate towards other animals too!

Brussels Griffon

Affectionately named “monkey face”, these cheerful small pooches get along with everyone very easily! They’re known for their happy, spirited, and super comical personalities! They’re social, yet very alert. If you’re looking for a dog that is easy to carry along, looks like a terrier, makes a keen watchdog who will always be there for you, then the Brussels Griffon is the one you’re looking for.

American Eskimo Dogs

These are a breed of happy-go-lucky, high spirited, active dogs who enjoy exercising. American Eskimos, often called Eskies, are very social. They crave companionship and have a people-oriented personality. But they can get bored easily as well and thus it’s important to keep them entertained.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The charms of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will make you fall in love very easily. They’re fun, sweet-tempered and gentle. As much as they love snuggles and naps on your lap, they also love runs and hikes. They love running around. You’ll find them chasing butterflies and squirrels in your backyard all day long. They do need a good amount of exercise to keep them healthy or the inactivity might make them gain weight and become lethargic.

American Pit Bull Terrier

Pit Bull Terriers are very a misunderstood dog breed. If trained properly, these animals are nothing but incredibly loyal, affectional and very comical! These dogs are so gentle around children that they’re also called nanny dogs. They are agile, obedient, and very energetic. These dogs never lose their trust in humans. They carry themselves with a strong yet confident attitude.

Bichon Frisé

Who wouldn’t love a big poofy cloud walking around the house? These dogs are very easy to live with. These dogs with their cheerful personality enjoy playing games and snuggles into laps, and pillows. Bichons are easy to live with and they mix with strangers well.


These pups are energy-packed canines who love being with their people! Their small bodies make it very easy for them to be carried everywhere. They can fit inside your bag or you’ll find them following you everywhere waiting for you to pick them and wrap them in a close snuggle. They’re always brimming with energy, their feisty, energetic presence sets them apart from all the other breeds. They’re a bundle of joy and entertainment. They’ll snuggle under the blankets, do adorable dances with their hind legs and wave their paws. They need their share of exercise. These small yet mighty pups are fantastic companions.


Dachshunds come in a variety of colors, sizes, and coats but they all love their humans wholeheartedly. These pups have a very curious and charming personality and are very loyal as well. They love to play and get very attached to their human companions.

10 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds


Intelligent, energetic, and beautiful! Popularly known for their long fur coats, and elegant poise. Collies are big, beautiful, stunning, and very sensitive. It’s almost like they have a 6th sense when it comes to knowing what their human wants. They’re great with children and will devote all their time and energy to ensure that they are safe and secure. Their loyalty is one of the most priceless gifts a human can earn.

10 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

So if you’re looking for someone who is loyal and will spoil you with their unconditional love, just get a dog. Not only will they provide you with their loyalty but also ensure you’re never short on snuggles and kisses!

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It’s annoying to have a partner that snores, but having a dog that snores? That’s worse. They can also be very loud when they snore. However, these loud snuffles can point to an underlying condition. Snoring usually is caused by an obstruction in your dog’s airways. Although it may be harmless, one must not ignore any signs that call for help.

Why Do Dogs Snore and What to do About It?

Reasons for snoring

Signs to not worry about

1. Short snout

Breeds with short or flat face structures are often more prone to snoring than the others. Brachycephalic, is a term used to describe the dogs that have a shorter snout. These dogs are prone to suffer from breathing complications. Breeds like pugs and Chihuahuas are apart of this category. However, they could also snore for the majority of their life without facing any health concerns. But research has shown how these dogs can face major struggles when it comes to breathing as they may not get enough oxygen supply. This problem can be corrected with surgery. So, if you have a brachycephalic pup, consult a doc who will provide the answers to the problems causing you to stress.

Why do Dogs Snore and What to do about it?

2. Allergies

If your pup suffers from seasonal allergies, snoring can be common during certain months. Allergies can lead to the production of extra mucus which can be the reason for snoring. It’s recommended to keep your pup indoors if they’re allergic to dust or pollen. It is also suggested that you wash their face and paws every time they step inside after spending time outside.
Consistent sneezing and watery eyes could indicate cold which may be causing the snoring. If their sneezing is getting worse day by day, yet they show no signs of abnormality, it’s still best to consult a professional.

3. Sleeping posture

Sleeping in a certain way could restrict your dog’s airways. You change the way your pup is sleeping by laying him on the side instead of his back. There are few things you could invest in which will help you ensure your doggie is getting good sleep. You could buy a pillow which will stay elevated when he sleeps. This will reduce the chances of him rolling back to his back.

When to worry?

1. Recently started snoring

We know our pup’s well and we can tell easily when something is not normal. If you notice that your pup has recently gone from being a silent sleeper to snoring all night long, it could be serious. There could be a mass obstruction somewhere which is restricting the flow of oxygen. It could be their nose, voice box, airways, or anywhere in the respiratory system. This could be a signal of an underlying major medical concern like lymph node or obstruction caused by a foreign object. Thus it’s better to call a vet than delaying it any future.

Why do Dogs Snore and What to do about it?

2. Weight

Obesity can be an important cause of your dog’s snoring. Being overweight could cause the fat to obstruct the passage of air and thus snoring becomes very common. Thus being healthy is now very important, this helps your pet live peacefully. It’s crucial for them to exercise and stay active.

3. Smoking

Smoking has a lot of side effects and their impact is not limited to humans only. They affect your dogs as well. Smoking can cause your dog to fall prey to various respiratory issues like bronchitis and asthma. If you’re an active smoker and have noticed your dog’s unusual snoring, you should get it checked by the doctor immediately. Keeping your house a smoke-free zone will be a small yet very necessary step one can take for the safety of their family members and beloved pets.

4. Restriction in nose

Our dogs go sniffing around so many things. Sometimes when they stick their nose in these places, something can get stuck. Snoring caused by these reasons can stop within a few days but if it doesn’t ignore the signs. It is said that if unexplained snoring persists for a long time, there’s a chance of a tumor or cyst. It’s for the best that these issues are noticed and brought to one’s awareness as soon as possible so that immediate actions can be taken for our dog’s safety.

What are the Advantages for Kids that Grow up with Dogs?

While many say that a dog is a man’s best friend, you might also consider the saying that a dog is also a child’s best friend. Many people don’t stop and consider the arguments for having a pet when you are a child. It actually comes with a lot of benefits that can help you in the future when you become an adult.

Some parents are actually scared of allowing their kids to have a dog. Some think that certain breeds of dogs are not going to benefit a child. Actually, Dobermans are good with kids and there are a lot of dog breeds that on the surface seem menacing but are okay to keep around your children.

Let us explain why there are benefits having your kid grow up with a dog and next time you might reconsider when your child is begging you to get one.

Learn Responsibility

If you want to teach your child responsibility or getting them to learn a valuable life lesson, having a pet to take care of is the best way to do it. Children that grow up with dogs are immensely more responsible than those that don’t.

From an early age, your child will learn to take care of the dog. While they make sure that the dog is fed, that it has gone for a walk, that it is entertained, they will learn all the responsibilities that they will continue on employing when they grow up.

Makes Kids Healthier

Certain studies were able to show that kids who grow up with pets, but especially dogs, have healthier lives. The studies indicate that this is especially important during their first year of infancy. The research suggests that this is due to the fact that kids increase their immune system this way.

By having a cuddle buddy when they are young, kids strengthen their immune system and generally get sick less often. Also, when they do get sick they needed less time to recover and also a smaller dose of antibiotics compared to children that didn’t grow up with dogs.

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

While many parents are concerned about their child’s IG, they also need to consider the EQ. Emotional intelligence is a necessary path towards becoming a righteous human being. It helps determine right from wrong and enables us to care better for the people around us.

Having a dog that you play around and care for when you are a child allows for your emotional intelligence to develop. You don’t value only yourself but you value people around you. The dog is the first thing that you start caring for and you later transfer it to the closest ones around you. It also helps to create empathy and also helps in building a child’s self-esteem.

More Exercise

Many parents have a lot of problems prying their kinds from computer screens and phones. That wasn’t the problem so much until computers developed but contemporary times have created this sort of predicament that hampers all our children. But the solution is easier than you thought – get your child a dog.

If you have an energetic dog your child will be able to play with it all the time. They can run around and go for a walk and do all kinds of things together. That way, your child will get all the exercise it needs. They are still going to use phones and computers but a lot less. And they get the exercise they need to develop their bodies properly.

Enhance Social Skills

Kids with dogs develop social skills much faster. Not only that by they also create better and deeper bonds with their siblings. There are a lot of problems with kids in developing their social skills. Some never get to develop it and end up with social anxiety that is hard to fix when they get to their elder age. But a dog can fix all of that.

Playing around with a dog will allow other kids to join in. Other kids will join in and your child will get to talk to them. This will only keep growing as the child gets older and before you know it, it will have a healthy way of dealing in social situations.

Help Kids Read Better

Believe it or not, a dog will actually help your child get better at reading. Of course, the dog is not going to do anything extreme like stand guard while the child studies or teach the kid letters. Actually, the dog is there just to help them with their confidence.

When learning to read, especially out loud, it comes with a lot of anxiety issues. Young readers need to get over that hump so they can get confidence that will allow them to stress out and get better at it. Reading a dog is a good way to do it. A child trusts its dog and will not have any anxiety reading to it and will eventually get better at reading.

Growing Up Alongside a Companion

It is hard to make friends when you are a kid. Especially if you are living in an area where there are not a lot of peers or kids the same age. Going to school does help, but when you are at home you still need companionship. Growing up with a dog will enable a child to grow up with a friend and not be lonely.

Kids who grow up with a dog are more talkative and learn various skills faster than others. If they don’t have a friend close by to play with a dog is the next best thing. Especially if the dog is a similar size to the kid it makes things a lot better and easier.

Kids Become Cuter

Just take a look at all the photos of kids and their dogs and you will see what we are talking about. It is not a legitimate science nor is there any official researches done, but it seems that this is true. Kids that grow up with a pet are far cuter than the ones that don’t.

Author’s Bio:
Carolin is a contributor for a number of high-class blogs and she is definitely a dog person, Carolin is in constant search for new natural ways to support her beautiful doberman Bela and many more out there to live a happy and care-free life.

Can Rabbits and Dogs Be Best Friends? Yes! Learn how

It is possible to establish a strong bond between dogs and rabbits. Rabbits are more timid in comparison to dogs, which are more ferocious by nature. Even though their ways may not be similar to those of each other, they can have pretty amiable relations with each other.

Characteristic Features of a Dog and a Rabbit

Before learning about different ways by which one can encourage dogs and rabbits to become best friends, it is important to learn about their characteristic features that make them different from each other:

Features of Dogs:

Features of Rabbits:

How can Rabbits and Dogs be Best Friends

Even though it is a little difficult and involves a bit of labour to get them to affable terms with each other, it is not impossible. Here are a few methods one can perform in order to make rabbits and dogs best friends:


Anyone can become friends. All it takes is a bit of time and effort. A few tricks and tips, followed daily with the utmost conviction, can make even dogs and rabbits, the best of friends.