How to Treat Abscesses in Dogs

Pre-Knowledge for Treatment

1. Abscesses are swell sore-spots that might also drain pus. They usually arise due to following things:

2. If not treated on time, your dog might be faced with a severe health issue.

3. Make proper handling and sanitary considerations before home treating your pup.

4. Watch for abnormal behavior when treating your dog, make sure you are not making him or her overly anxious or aggressive.


Method #1: The Clean-Up Discharge Method

#1. Make sure you sanitize your hands properly before and after treating the abscess. Use surgical scrub or alcohol.

#2. Use saline solution to flush out the wound. You will have to use a syringe to flush out the open cavity, with a saline solution.

#3. Use syringe of a soaked piece of gauze to clean the area around the abscess. Try to avoid further inflammation of the painful skin. Move the gauze away from the wound opening.

#4. In case of extreme pus discharge, limit your dog to their bed or crate. You should also make sure to change the bedding as recurrently as possible to reduce further contamination.

#5. Try to stop the pet from licking the inflamed area. You can use an Elizabethan collar to prevent them from biting or licking the wound.

Method #2: The Promote Drainage Method

#1. Use warm compresses and apply it onto the wound site multiple times on a day. This increases the blood flow to the affected site and improves the healing process. It also drains the toxins form the wound and keeps it open.

#2. When warming up the cloth to use as a warm compress, you can add a bit of apple cider vinegar or add a plantain tincture. You will have a medicated compress that will drive out the infection.

#3. Get a disposable towel to apply pressure to the wound site. This will squeeze the pus out. Make sure you get rid of the contaminated towel promptly.

#4. Ensure that the wound remains open as long as the pus is discharging. Do not cover with dressings.

#5. After all the pus has been successfully drained, now is the time for some ointment. Use an antibiotic ointment or calendula ointment to the pus-drained wound.

#6. You can also use unpasteurized honey as a dressing which allows for the toxic fluid to drain. It also has antibacterial properties and improves healing.

Cautions to take

1. Consult a vet in case of following symptoms of systemic infection:

2. After the home treatment, the abscess should start healing within a few days, if that doesn’t happen, then refer to the vet.

3. Make sure to get an expert consultation when the abscesses are near sensitive areas such as eyes, ears or anus.

4. Thoroughly clean your hands before and after cleaning the wound site.

5. Do not cover a draining wound with dressing.

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Why do Dogs Love Stuffed Animals?

Dogs are the non-human equivalent to kids and no matter what happens, they are known to love just as much. One of their all-time favorite things are stuffed toys. Being a pet-parent, only you can understand the special bond that a dog has to their toys. However, the question remains. Why these plush toys are considered so special to dogs? That’s exactly what this post is here to discuss!

Here are a few things that can help you figure out why dogs are so attached to their stuffed toys:

1. To female dogs, some toys tend to act like puppies. Without acting being able to mother puppies, some female dogs tend to mother stuffed toys and give it the same amount of love that she would if it were her own pup.

2. Domesticated or not, dogs are born natural predators. In this case, keeping aside the motherly instinct of some female dogs, the natural instinct of others play a major role. Dogs love toys that they can really dig their teeth into and tear to shreds. It definitely acts like a good alternative if you decide to save your couch cushions from their inevitable tears!

3. Toys have a lot to do with the dog’s age. If your pup is young enough to go through teething then the chances are that they’re using their favorite toy as a way to help them. Even babies are given toys to help their teething! In the case of senior dogs, soft chew toys help with their sensitivity.

4. Dogs also tend to substitute your time with toys. If you’re known to play a tug game with them, they might carry around a rope toy as a way to keep a bit of you with them. Even if you don’t have time, they still play around or let you know that they want to play with you, with a simple toy.

5. Just as stated above, dogs tend to substitute your love with that of a toy. If you’re prone to playing with them and suddenly stopping, they tend to focus their energy on how good a toy makes them feel instead. Dogs love affection and anything that is able to give them that ends up being the favorite in their books.

6. Stuffed toys can help dogs going through behavioral problems and anxiety. Since dogs can’t communicate their problems, it usually comes out in the sense of using stuffed toys as comfort by being chew toys or something to shred into pieces as soon as the issue arises.

Managing Eye Discharge (Mucus) in Dogs and Cat

Many pet owners show concern over the fact that their pet’s eyes discharge a white liquid called mucus. This happens quite often and mostly is harmless as it doesn’t need a proper medical treatment. Mostly it is due to clogged tear duct or discharge of eye crust. It is recommended to not worry a lot over it but rather wipe it off with a moist cloth and apply Visine eye drops, to prevent any infection. This mild treatment applies if the discharge is clear and teary. Light eye colored pets develop dark staining under their eyes. This can be treated with antibiotics to reduce the staining. Sometimes blowing wind in your pets’ eyes can also help as it will get rid of any accumulation of dust in the eye. Another cause can also be the presence of a foreign particle in their eyes which is causing it to be teary, so try rinsing the eye.

However, if the discharge in your pets’ eyes is thick with a bad odor along especially if it is yellow or green then it is something to worry about as it may indicate Conjunctivitis. To treat this, you can use antibiotics or saline wash. Many cats and dogs have the condition called the ‘dry eye’ where they fail to produce enough tear that leads to insufficient eye cleansing tears and thus cause discharge of sticky thick mucus this can be treated by using fake tears for a week. If the condition doesn’t improve surgery can be done to fix the problem once and for all. The buildup of mucus on the eye can be caused by glaucoma which is basically bulging in the eye. It makes the eyes appear cloudy. This situation arises when there is an imbalance in the pressure of the eye. The pressure on the eye can be reduced by using medications but to cut down on the pain effective immediately it is advised to do a surgery. The owner should make use of lubricants prescribed by their vet. Red eyes along with mucus discharge can be an indication to an infection or an eye ulcer.

Make sure to use the proper medications, cheap and low-cost eye drops can cause severe complications. Your pet can also catch a virus and it is advised to go to the vet for a proper examination, where the lead problem can be diagnosed and proper medications can be provided. Make sure not to leave it untreated as that can cause blindness or loss of an eye. To prevent yourself and your family from getting the eye infection in case it’s contagious, make sure to wear googles around your pet and take them to treatment as soon as possible. You can also get glasses for your pet, a size which fits their head. Make sure you do not let any accumulation of mucus take place around the eye by cleaning it on regular basis.

How to Save Money on Pet Supplies

Owning a pet can be an exhilarating experience and an expensive one at the same time. Here are a few ways to save money on pet supplies.

1. Do-it-yourself Toys

Pets love toys like anything but more than that they love playing with you. DIY toys is the way to go about it. Whether you spend $50 on an expensive fancy ball or put a knot on your sweater to play tug with your pet, your pet is going to be just as happy. You can also fill an old colorful sock with beans or marbles and tie it to the ceiling to keep them occupied for a good chunk of time. Your pet’s favorite toy is the one that involves you playing with them. So there is no point in spending extra money on pet toys and save on that front.

2. Food puzzles

You can also make your own food puzzles. Nothing like a mind boggling puzzle to stimulate you pets brain. Your pet is not only going to enjoy their meals while playing through these puzzles but will also learn to eat at a slower pace.

3. Home-made treats

You don’t have to be a professional chef to bake some fresh, healthy, home-made cookies for your daughter. This will not only help you save money but you will also know what exactly is used to make those treats. There are also plenty of fruits and vegetables to choose from and they can actually be pretty great for your dog. Let it be bananas, blueberries or apples, just make sure, your pet doesn’t consume them in excess, as they might turn out to be toxic.

4. DIY Dog Beds

You can totally save up by making a dog bed on your own instead of spending a decent chunk to get it from the market. You can use old T-shirts and clothes to lay the foundation and if your pet is bigger in size, you don’t even have to worry about sewing it.

5. Home – Grooming

You don’t have to spend extra by taking your pet to a groomer. Just invest in grooming tools once and you can make use of them for months. You can start with bathing your pet every day to keep them clean and tidy. Buy a pair of clippers to trim their nails on weekly basis and a nice comb to help them stay flea free.