The Never Ending Benefits of Co-Sleeping With Your Dog

It is an ever-growing debate in the dog community, whether it is good or bad to sleep with your dog. It goes without saying that a dog and a man have always been best friends, and for most of us, having a dog is like having a family member.

Bringing this fluffy and furry friend in your life can completely change it forever. While some studies show that sleeping with your dog can result in a night of inadequate sleep, others show that there are various benefits of sleeping with your dog.

There are both physical and mental benefits of co-sleeping with your dog. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of co-sleeping with your dog.

Gives Comfort

A recent study found that more than half of the pet owners allow their dogs to sleep in the same bed because it makes them feel comfortable. Snuggling up with your dog can make you feel better at the end of a long and tiring day, and sleeping with the dog can prolong this feeling.

Also, if you suffer from nightmares or restlessness during sleeping, then having a living being aside, you can be a comfort and relief.

Keeps You Warm

Even after having an electric blanket, hot water bottle, and a heater switched on, you still feel cold and then it’s time to sleep with your dog.

Dogs are super genius at keeping themselves warm and don’t even need thick blankets. It uses its fur to keep the chill off as they have layers of coats, each of which performs a different job to either keep heat in or reflect it back out. So if you live in colder regions, then get your dog to sleep with you. Your dog will warm up your bed quickly and maintain a cozy temperature.

Lowers Blood Pressure

In case you suffer from hypertension, having a dog can lower your blood pressure. In a study, around 60 male and female participants had their blood pressure measured while they petted a dog. Results showed that the blood pressure was lowest while petting.

Act of touching and stroking the dog has the most significant impact, so touching and cuddling your dog while sleeping can reduce blood pressure and alleviate symptoms of high blood pressure.

Strengthens Bond

Co-sleeping with your dog can surely strengthen the bond between you and your dog. This is especially true in cases of rescued puppies or new puppies that have been separated from their mother.

It’s All About Safety

It is not important to have a guard dog or train your dog to be aggressive against humans. But just knowing that the bark of your dog means someone tried the door makes you feel safe. Sharing bed with your dog will give you the reassurance that no matter how deep you sleep, your dog’s sensitive hearing will catch anyone trying the door or messing with the letterbox.

Helps Fight Insomnia

Many people have insomnia. Such people reach for prescription drugs, sleeping tablets, or even herbal medicines. Insomnia is indeed a crippling problem, but sleeping with your dog is good for your mental health and can help beat insomnia.

A Great Treat for your Dog

It will surely be a great treat for the dog to sleep in bed with his loved ones instead of sleeping alone in a doggie bed on the floor.

No Reason is Also a Reason

Some people prefer sleeping with their dogs just because they like it. You don’t always need reasons to spend time with your beloved furry friends!

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Why get a Dog Kennel?

Today more than ever, it is becoming vital people have a way to house their dogs securely. In some areas, it is the law to provide a proper dog kennel set up. Whether you decide to set up an outdoor kennel, indoor kennel, modular kennel, or use a portable kennel, you should remember the following tips for setting one up.

Tips for Setting Up Your Dog Kennel

First, you should figure out where you are going to be putting the kennel. Are you going to be putting it inside or outside? Is the kennel going to be portable or kept in the same place at all times? Before deciding on any kennel system, these questions should be answered.

Setting up a dog kennel inside restricts the size of the kennel you are going to use. That is unless you have plenty of space for a large chain link kennel system in the home. Most dog owners go with wire kennels or plastic kennels (not shipping crates) for inside the home.

Setting up your dog kennel outside provides more options because there is usually more space outside for the kennel. In this setup, you can use a modular kennel, chain link kennel, or set up a serious outdoor kennel system for your dog.

You should give your dog enough space to move around in, avoid their feces and urine, and have an area they can seek shelter from the elements on. Providing one of those Igloo dog homes inside the kennel system and putting a flap on the opening will help keep your dog warm during the cold months and allow the dog to seek shelter from the rain as well.

Putting sunscreen on the top of the kennel will help give your dog an area of shade they can get relief from the sun during the hot months of summer.

If you opt to raise your dog outdoors or if you have to leave your dog unattended for long periods of time every day, then it is essential to provide a comfortable and safe living area such as a portable dog kennel. You should also make sure that this area is clean and dry with proper ventilation and drainage. The kennel should be constructed with weatherproof materials and proper insulation to withstand extreme weather. It is better to locate the dog kennel near a wall or a tree that can provide shade to your pet, especially during summer.

Pros and Cons of Portable Dog Kennels

Though many dog owners use normal dog kennels, some find the lack of portability as a great disadvantage, especially those who travel frequently. If you are one of them, then you might want to consider the portable dog kennels.

Portable dog kennels, as the name indicates, are designed for easy mobility. They are usually smaller than the standard kennels and can be collapsed to be stored under a bed or even in a cabinet when not in use. There is a wide range of portable kennels to choose from, and you can surely find one that is perfect for your dog and one that can fit in your car or in the back of your pickup. Moreover, these portable kennels are reasonably priced and range from just $50 to $500. The cheaper models are sufficient to house smaller breeds, and in case you have large dogs, then you might want to consider one of the more expensive ones.

Portable kennels are mostly made of wire mesh, plastic, or nylon. Your choice of material will depend on the unique characteristics of your dog, like size and aggressiveness. While plastic kennels are sufficient for small breeds, large and aggressive breeds might damage a cheaper kennel constructed with materials that are less reliable. Instead of choosing one that is cheapest or one that looks good to choose one that will serve its purpose, which is to house your pet safely and comfortably.

If you choose, you can even make the portable kennel as your pet’s permanent kennel instead of having two separate kennels, one to travel and one to use while at home. This will ensure a familiar environment which will help to calm your pet during travel. In that case, make sure the kennel is of comfortable size, durable, and strong enough to withstand an aggressive dog.

Though you can find a number of portable kennels in your local departmental and pet stores, you can find a wider range of choices on the internet. With a little research, you can find a portable kennel that is just right for your pet and your requirements. Keep in mind that whether you are looking for a portable dog kennel to be used for traveling purposes or as an alternative to the expensive permanent kennels, make sure to find a kennel that provides a safe and comfortable environment for your pet.

Some other things to consider for your dog kennel

A couple of other things you should keep in mind are security and providing adequate water for your dog at all times.

Dogs need fresh water all the time. You can choose to improvise your own system, or you can buy a system from the pet stores that deliver fresh water when the bowl starts to empty out.

Security is an issue because you don’t want people (like kids) around the kennel without your permission, and you certainly don’t want people to be able to let your dog out of their kennel.

Pad locking the kennel shut is an inexpensive way of securing the kennel, but I would go one step farther and build a kennel that doesn’t allow people to put things in through the holes or over the top of the kennel as well. One example is using nylon panels on the inside and outside of the kennel to obstruct the view and provide a more secure “wall” around the kennel.

Placing a nylon panel over the entire top of the kennel will prevent people from tossing things into the kennel as well.

Take a moment and explore the web site. I’m sure you’ll find a host of options for your dog kennel needs, and I hope these tips have given you some more insight and ideas for setting up a safe, secure, dog kennel system for your dog.

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CBD, or cannabidiol, is a synthetic compound from the cannabinoid family that normally happens in the cannabis plant. Researchers have confined 108 unique sorts of cannabinoids in cannabis.

CBD Central mission is to provide comprehensive, reliable information about CBD in a convenient and easy to digest format. We believe that CBD can help those looking to find balance by providing relief from common and not-so-common disorders, and by boosting overall health and nutrition.


5 Must-Haves Before Launching Your Dog Training Business

Love for dogs, as well as for any living creatures on Earth, unfortunately, is not a sufficient condition to start providing services involving work with animals. And if you want to start your canine business, then firstly, do not doubt that your services can be demanded, and secondly, take into account the list of necessary things for a successful start.

A Document Confirming Your Right to Provide Such Services

No business can exist and develop without the appropriate documents, otherwise, it is just a hobby. And if you have serious intentions, then the first thing you will have to start with is the legal side of the issue.

First of all, you will need a document confirming the fact that you are a certified dog handler and have all the knowledge and skills necessary for effective and safe work with dogs. How to get this document? There are several ways. Firstly, some universities that prepare people for public service have specialized departments for students who want to work with service dogs. As a rule, there are such units at law schools that train future police and customs officers.

5 Must-Haves Before Launching Your Dog Training Business

In addition, it is possible to obtain such a certificate after the completion of private courses. In this case, its value will be lower than higher education, but in general, your knowledge, experience, and commitment to your work can become your competitive advantage.

The second important point is the legal registration of your business because the income you receive must be taxed. The rules for creating a business from a legal point of view differ in different states, so you need to carefully study all the legislative subtleties – in order to simplify the bureaucratic red tape and make the taxation procedure as simple as possible.

Website and Social Profiles

Word of mouth is certainly good, and most likely you will get your first customers using this method. However, you also need to think about the future. Today, the reliability of a business is assessed by the criterion of having a website as well – this is the first point of contact for potential customers with you. Therefore, a website is an absolute must-have.

In addition, if you think that creating a website is too expensive and you still cannot afford it, then you are only partly right. Since you have a newly created business, then you can very well use the site made by your own hands. For example, you can create a site using online builders like Wix or Weebly. It is very inexpensive. You only have to pay for the domain and hosting, and even here you can save money with Blue Host for example.

However, the development process of your site does not end with its creation. You will also need to fill it with SEO-optimized content so that dog owners can find you online.

The Online Writers Rating review website has put together the best freelance authors who can help you create content at a reasonable price.

Plus, you definitely need social profiles where you will position yourself as a dog handler and business owner. The thing is that modern users want to know as much as possible about the people whom they choose as service providers and partners. Create such profiles on Facebook and Instagram and share useful information regarding the upbringing and training of dogs.

Your Personal Dog

It seems obvious that a person who is going to work with dogs should have his dog as well. Or even a few dogs. This is proof of your love and commitment. However, you have not forgotten what we talked about in the previous paragraph? You need a website and social profiles, which means you need advertising as well. Your dog can be your best advertising tool, and moreover,

Therefore, shoot as many videos as possible about what your dog can do, how it behaves in certain situations, show video fragments from your joint training. Efficiency in action is the best advertising approach and slogan for your business.

Medical Insurance

Yes, you can be a super professional, but a dog is a source of increased danger. A bit like a car. You can never be sure what the driver of another car will do in the next second, and just like that, you can never predict the behavior of a dog with absolute precision – you can only make an expert suggestion. Especially if you work with aggressive dogs or dogs that have become victims of human violence and have lost faith in people.

5 Must-Haves Before Launching Your Dog Training Business

Therefore, we recommend that you re-read the terms of your health insurance and expand it if necessary. It will be much better if you never need it than you become a victim of a dog bite and will be forced to pay for your treatment from the profit of your business.

Thoughtful Business Plan

Despite the fact that raising a dog is an ongoing process, the demand for dog training can be seasonal, especially if you conduct your classes outdoors. Moreover, the population of your city or region, the tendency of the inhabitants to have dogs will also matter. For example, apartment owners are less likely to have dogs than owners of private houses, because they are sure that dogs need open space and fresh air. Although if you specialize in dog breeds of small size, then, on the contrary, it will be an advantage, not an obstacle.

In other words, include all the pitfalls and force majeure in your business plan and develop several action plans.


As you can see, not everything is so simple, but not everything is so complicated. Love and commitment are the main components of the success of your dog training business, however, there are other marketing, economic and legal details that you also need to take into account. And in this guide, we told you about the most important things.

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Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.