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Cat Caves: Why Your Kitty Needs a Hiding Space

Cat Caves: Why Your Kitty Needs a Hiding Space

Your cat may often disappear out of sight for hours at a time, and you might be wondering where she has gone. The answer: she is probably enjoying spending some peace and quiet in a secret hiding spot!

If your cat is hiding constantly, this may be linked to a bigger problem, but occasional hiding is nothing to be worried about. This kind of behavior is very common for cats, and there are a number of reasons why cats do it. Here we’ll explain a little bit more about why cats love to hide, and why you should provide your kitty with a hiding space.

Engaging ancient instincts

Through hiding, your cat could just be trying to hunt. Even a domesticated cat will pull out those old hunting instincts from time to time to stalk their prey or to play with you. A hiding spot gives a curious kitty the perfect place to get a vantage over its prey or to wait for the prey to pass by unsuspecting. Usually, the cat will choose someplace high off the ground to look for prey or to stalk and hunt. This allows the cat to be safe from predators while getting a good view of their surroundings.

A hiding spot is a safe space…

Why does any creature hide? Often, the answer is because they want to feel safe and secure. A cave or hiding spot is just that- a safe area in which to hide from dangers. Your cat may seek out boxes or other hidey holes in order to find a place that feels safe. There may not be any danger that you can see, but your cat may feel anxious, excited, fearful or overwhelmed due to any number of reasons. If there are visitors in the house, if strange sounds are occurring, or if there is a large animal nearby, your cat may seek out a safe place to seclude herself. A cave would be ideal, but she may make do with a box, a cubby hole or some other hiding spot that feels like a cave to her.

…And it’s cozy

When we think about making ourselves cozy, we might imagine snuggling up in a blanket on the couch or covering ourselves with a sheet on the bed. Your cat will have similar sensibilities, and a cave-like structure provides that coziness for her. Your cat cannot pull up a cover over her head, but she can snuggle into a crevice, dark space or cubby hole and get a sense of security. Hiding spots and caves give people and animals a sense of security because they are surrounded on most sides, except for a single entrance toward which they can face. They can also provide shelter and warmth, or shade and cooling shelter from the heat of the day.

Give your cat a cat cave

Now that you know what your cat is looking for in a hiding spot, you can provide it for her. There are some great ways you can accommodate your cat’s desire for a safe place to hide or a great vantage point for her hunting. You can opt for a hammock, bed or Feltcave for your cat. These are all items you will find in pet stores or online, though you may have to do some looking to find one that is suitable for your cat and for your home. You may want to think about how the item will fit into your décor and how your cat might want to use it.

Cat trees are another great option. They give your cat a way to get up high which provides safety and a vantage point. A lot of cat trees will have a place for the cat to hide inside of as well, so you can take care of all your cat’s hiding needs at once.

Are you providing for your cat?

If you don’t give your cat a place to hide away and feel comfortable and secure, then your cat may try to fashion something herself. She might rearrange some of the objects in the home or even find a place outside of the home or outside the property where she feels secure.

If you want to keep your cat around and want her to feel safe at your home, it’s certainly worth creating or investing in a hiding spot.

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