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Can Rabbits and Dogs Be Best Friends? Yes! Learn how

Can Rabbits and Dogs Be Best Friends? Yes! Learn how

It is possible to establish a strong bond between dogs and rabbits. Rabbits are more timid in comparison to dogs, which are more ferocious by nature. Even though their ways may not be similar to those of each other, they can have pretty amiable relations with each other.

Characteristic Features of a Dog and a Rabbit

Before learning about different ways by which one can encourage dogs and rabbits to become best friends, it is important to learn about their characteristic features that make them different from each other:

Features of Dogs:

  • Some of them are fierce and wild, while some of them are very mild by nature.
  • They are very good at reading the emotions of their masters.
  • They love to listen to gentle music that calms them down.
  • They love to cuddle up with their owners.
  • They would never attack animals they find very timid and apprehensive.
  • They are friendly, loyal and very affectionate.

Features of Rabbits:

  • These fascinating creatures are fast and soft hearted, but very weak-kneed.
  • They are hesitant and find it difficult to approach other animals or people.
  • They have a very sensitive nature.
  • They have very polite behaviour and are cautious of their predators.

How can Rabbits and Dogs be Best Friends

Even though it is a little difficult and involves a bit of labour to get them to affable terms with each other, it is not impossible. Here are a few methods one can perform in order to make rabbits and dogs best friends:

  • There are many dogs, which are wild and fierce by nature. They do not form cordial relations with other animals. It is important to adopt or choose a breed of dogs that is friendly, affectionate and can survive in a house with other animals like habits. Some of the friendliest breeds of dogs are Golden Retriever, Boston, Irish Setter, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and more.
  • Rabbits that are not very apprehensive of living with dogs should be chosen. They should be strong enough to face dogs that are double their size. They should not consider other dogs as their predators and should be on cordial terms with them. Some of the dog-friendly recommended breeds of rabbits are- Havana, Californian, Himalayan, Dutch and more.
  • The territory or place where rabbits and dogs live together should be animal friendly. They should be equipped with toys and objects that are mutually liked by both of them. No toys that may cause injury to either of the two should be used. Toys can be used as a great common object to play with both the furry friends. The space should be such wherein both the animals feel welcomed, can be comfortable with the surroundings and do things they love to do–sans stress or worry.
  • The first meeting, where both the animals are introduced to each other, is very important.
  • Dogs should be taught commands that can be used to make them practice obedience.
  • If things go out of hands, a cage for the rabbit, and a leash to keep the dog under control, should be in close proximity.
  • Neither of the animals should be pressured to become friends. It should be done slowly and steadily and continued only if both of them are comfortable with it.
  • A routine should be set for both the animals to follow.
  • Vets should be consulted with in order to maintain the health of the pets and to ensure that the relation between the dog and the rabbit would not be harmful in the long run.


Anyone can become friends. All it takes is a bit of time and effort. A few tricks and tips, followed daily with the utmost conviction, can make even dogs and rabbits, the best of friends.

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