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When can Puppies Go Outside for the First Time?

When can Puppies Go Outside for the First Time?

You might be concerned about taking your puppy out for a walk especially when they are so small and naïve but letting your puppy explore the outside world is an important part of their development.

In the beginning

You can begin with taking them out to your yard. You can take your newborn puppies out to let them play within the confines of your yard as long as it has a boundary and is safe. It is better to send nursing puppies out with their mothers. You should also take them out for potty breaks several times during the day. It is better to keep them on a short leash while you are at it.

What about the weather?

The weather plays an important role in determining whether it is safe for your puppy to go out or not. Newborn puppies are very vulnerable to temperature changes and extremes. During freezing temperatures, puppies should be kept inside and allowed to take potty breaks on a puppy training pad. Older puppies, especially trained to go out in the cold such as huskies can be allowed to make short trips to the yard and back. Likewise, puppies are also sensitive to extremely hot temperatures and shouldn’t be allowed to stay out for long.


The most crucial time for your puppy to socialize lies between 8 and 12 weeks. They are more acceptable of changes during this time and it is easier for them to mingle and make new friends.
As they grow older, it becomes difficult for them to socialize as they are afraid of new things and changes. Hence, it is wise to take your puppy out to meet new pups when they are young. Take them to the park to meet new people and other places to get them acquainted.

Keeping your puppy inside most of the time can lead to behavior problems such as anxiety and aggression. You can start with letting them meet people who visit your home and then taking them out to the mall and the park. Don’t let your dog interact with random dogs until they have completed their vaccination.

Can you take your puppy after first vaccination?

After your dog’s first vaccination, make sure they do not get an adverse reaction. If everything stays in place, its best to wait for a couple of days before you let your puppy play outside with other dogs. While your puppy still needs to complete their vaccination schedule, you can let them go out for a bit to explore even when they get their first shot. But it’s best to be careful and take precaution while letting your dog get exposed to different kind of dogs. After vaccination it is also important to avoid trafficked and public areas since there remain high chances that your puppy may contract an infection or a disease due to their weak immune system.

In short, you can let your young puppy go out to explore, you just got to be careful about it.

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