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Can Dogs Know When You are Pregnant

Dogs are amazing animals that have been at the side of humans from the earliest civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia. Their incredible sense of loyalty endears them to most humans and experts have established that their puppy eyes elicit the same feelings in humans as a newborn baby does. When a human owner is low, a dog senses this change in mood and becomes downcast as well, probably to let the human be sad in peace. When the human is excited, the dog too jumps up and down for joy giving him the befitting title of man’s best friend.

It is no wonder then that a dog might notice you are pregnant long before you also notice it. According to scientists, dogs have a sense of smell that detects pheromones. One of the major changes that happen in a woman’s body is an increase in HcG hormone levels. It is therefore possible that a dog can already smell this change long before a pregnancy test turns positive. Although experts agree that the dog may notice the change but not realize it’s connected to the fact that a new family member is on the way, they agree this change brings on a change in the dog’s behavior. Some dogs begin to become more protective of their owners, and some become clingier, following their owners everywhere. If the dog has been with you during previous pregnancies, he will sense the change and know the change will lead to a baby in future.

Other changes other than pheromones include a change in gait as the pregnancy progresses and waddling sets in. A change in routine also happens in most cases, where you are not able to take the dog for as many walks as you used to, and you cannot chase him around during games in the park the way you used to. You might also spend more time on the couch being pampered by other family members, and a dog being the observant onlooker will notice those changes. He also notices the changes in the expanding waistline.

For most dogs, these changes mean he realizes there is a change in the pack order. Where he used to be the one taken care of, he starts being the one to take care of you. One lady said her dogs that used to be unruly during walks suddenly started behaving well without much effort on her side when she was pregnant, and would wait patiently as she trailed behind them in the park.

Some dogs who used to rough you around now notice you don’t have the energy and instead opt to cuddle softly with you on the couch.

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