Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys

Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


How to Buy Toys for Your Dog

It can be overwhelming to see the thousands of different dog toys out there. The amount and variety can seem a little excessive. However, every dog is different, every breed is attracted to different types of play, and of course, every dog has their own unique personality. Finding the right toy that’s both safe and fun can be difficult to find. Here are a few tips! 

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Age and Size of Your Dog

A good place to start is to consider how old your dog is and his or her size. If your pup is just a few weeks old, you want to start with something softer and more plush. As your dog starts teething, you’ll need toys specifically designed for this phase. A firm nylon toy is a great option for pups in this stage. Also, you need to remember that the size of your dog matters when buying toys. A smaller dog doesn’t have the jaw for a large rubber ball. A larger dog can pull apart or break small toys, making it easier for them to swallow. Make sure the size of the bite matches the size of the toy.

Stimulation, Exercise, and Bonding

Every toy has a purpose. Whether it’s to stimulate their minds during play, or simply get exercise, a few toys that are made for these purposes should be readily available around the house. Interactive toys, like rubber balls for fetch or ropes for tug-of-war, are great toys for exercise and they create a bonding experience for the both of you. This is especially true for breeds that are workers, like boxers or border collies. Puzzle toys or toys that can hide treats inside are terrific for keeping dogs occupied while you’re away.

Made in the USA

It’s incredibly important to make sure that your dog’s toys are safe. When buying toys that are made outside of the US, you run the risk of your dog being exposed to materials that may not be safe or regulated. Whether its nylon dog toys, balls, ropes, or bones, be sure to check that every toy is made domestically.


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