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Best Ways to Bond with Your Pet

Best Ways to Bond with Your Pet

One of the best relationships a person could ever hope to have is the one that is experienced between a dog and their pet parent. It’s hard to truly understand the meaning of loyalty, unconditional love, and devotion until you have felt those attributes from a furry canine companion. When forming a bond with your dog, whether you get them as a puppy, an adult, or as a rescue, the key is always consistency in your approach.

As long as you keep the same basic daily routine regarding diet, exercise, obedience training, and playtime, you and your puppy will have a healthy and wonderful relationship. Remember that dogs are creatures of habit, and nothing helps them learn more than repetition and familiarity. With that being understood, let’s take a look at three ways that can help you and your pet forge that special connection that every animal lover knows:

Take Your Dog on Regular Walks

Walks are such an important part of a dog’s regular regimen. Not only do they offer the physical benefits (and for you as well), but they also help to increase calm and relaxation in your dog and have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. This is also a great bonding time for the two of you as you are spending regular time together engaging in a healthy activity. Be sure that you always have the proper equipment for your dog; their size, weight, and breed, as well as that you are practicing the proper walking techniques.

Sleep with Your Dog

Another thing that brings you and your pet closer is letting them sleep in the bed with you. Not only can it increase the quality of your sleep, it can also reduce depression symptoms and make you feel more secure. It’s best when doing so to make sure that your dog has an area of the bed in which they sleep, such as one side or at the end. This lets them know that while they can sleep there to be close to you, this is your territory.

Show Regular Affection and Give Them Praise

Something else that also makes dogs especially attached to their families is when they are generous with their praise and attention. Man’s best friend lives for nothing more than your love and affection. Nothing makes them happier than when they make you happy. When you give them regular attention and praise, even in the simplest of ways like telling them they are a good puppy and petting their heads, it absolutely makes their day. Rewarding them with treats is another way to show them that you love them and make them feel special.

Regardless of the specific methods and regular activities you use to bond with your pet, just always remember that showing your dog you love them really just comes down to spending time with them, being close to them, and letting them know that they are part of your family. All a dog wants is to be a part of a pack that cares for and looks out for one another. And if you give them that, you will get their undying loyalty and love in return.

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